Habbatus Sauda: Health With Sunnah

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Habbatus Sauda, or in Indonesia, better known as black caraway, believed to have the property to treat all types of diseases. In various countries in the Middle East and Far East, even Habbatus Sauda has been used as a natural ingredient for treatment since more than 2000 years ago. And actually, what is there in the Habbatus Sauda in this, so that the Messenger of Allah SAW said a suggestion to Consume it.

From the results of the research note that, Black caraway have influence that reinforce the duties immunity in the body. While we know that, the body's immune system to function optimally, it is a means to achieve the acceleration of healing from the attack of the disease, and maintaining body fitness is still best.

In August 1995, an Arabic magazine, Al-Manna'ah Ad-Dawa'iyyah publish an article about the depth of study savor Black caraway. Results of research that emphasizes the positive influence of the sari Black caraway reaction against cells limfa (Lymph Cell) to fight cancer cells in the human body.

Even Black caraway extract was able to make earlier paghocytosis cells engulf germs that attack the body, and bring anti-genic bacteria to the surface appear to limfa with the cells, so that the order mikrobanya in detail, and ordered the T-cells to produce anti Lymposytes body.

Finally, it is not excessive presumably, if we justify what is written by Aiman Ibn Abdul Fattah in his book entitled 'Medicine and Healing Revelation of the Prophet'; Until now, none of the material in nature, which has a composition with specificity, are able to free ourselves from various diseases, and worked as a fortress immune, in addition Habbatus Sauda.
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