The Cause of Borneo's Forest Damage

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Borneo Forest destruction by Deforestation
According to an institution concerned about the environment Save Our Borneo (SOB), known that about 80 percent of the forest damage occurred in Kalimantan is because there are some huge expansion of oil palm by large companies. Executive Director of Save Our Borneo, Nordin, in Palangka Raya, Thursday (19 / 6), says, 'The largest forest damage in Borneo is because of land clearing for oil palm, and the rest as much as 20 percent because of mining, and transmigration area. '

SOB said, based on a predicted 10-year trend, from Kalimantan's broad reach of 59 million hectares, rapid forest destruction (deforestation) has reached 864 thousand hectares per year, or 2.16 percent. And still according to Nordin, the damage that occurred in the forests of Central Kalimantan province recorded as the largest if compared to three other provinces in terms of damage to the area reached 256 thousand hectares per year. From more than 10 million forest broad owned by Central Kalimantan, the rate of forest damage has been cut through around 2.2 percent per year.

Meanwhile, South Kalimantan province, have the rate of damage faster than most other provinces, although the area of damage relatively small. Recorded 66.3 thousand hectares of forest destroyed per year from the total forest area of about 3 million hectares. Almost similar condition occurs in three other provinces, with a fast and different. Primarily because the causes of coal mining and oil palm plantation.
West Kalimantan, for example, from the area of forest to reach 12.8 million hectares have damage rate reached 166 thousand hectares or 1.9 percent a year.
Nordin explains, the careless exploitation of the forest in addition to causing damage, but also impact on the occurrence of floods and landslides.

'Real Indication occur in several districts in Central Kalimantan as Barito Utara, Murung Raya, Barito Selatan. Seasonal flooding that only once a year, now can happen four or five times a year, 'specifically. Negative impact exploitation of forests is the loss of identity of the local community, said Nordin.

Insertion of foreign cultures brought by migrants in the plantation and mining activities are considered as causes of the decreasing values of local wisdom. 'Dependency with outside parties is happen because the public infrastructure be in the form of land, is more narrow, so that they become dependent with outside parties, 'he added.
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It can make a fatal dangerous...we must be protect our forest...

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