Lovelle Mixon, Young Man In The Shooting Incident Of Four Oakland Police Officers

Monday, March 23, 2009

Lovelle Mixon On Oakland ShootingOakland - Lovelle Mixon, a young man aged 26 years old from Oakland, California, raged. Mixon attacked two police with his weapon. Several hours later, he successfully disabled by a special police unit. However, he shot 3 police officers who tried to arresting him. This shooting incident between the police and Mixon, started from a street in Oakland on Saturday (21/03/2009). Towards the evening, Mixon was driven a 1995th Buick Sedan car at that time stopped by two patrol police. Mixon just get parole in a murder case with the weapons.

When the two patrol police stopping his car, Mixon indeed meet the demand of the police. However, shortly later, he attacked the police with the firearm that he brought. One of the police named Mark Dunakin (40) died, while the other police officer named John Hege (41) experienced severe injuries.

After shot those two police , Mixon successfully fled. Police then tried to explore the existence of Mixon. Finally in the afternoon that day, the police known the existence of Mixon in an apartment building at 74th Avenue near Hillside Street. Police officers are fully prepared to use weapons in the apartment to arrest Mixon.
However, Mixon still try to fight. Shot heard many times from inside the apartment. Bullet from Mixon's rifle was hitting three police officers. Two of them died immediately and the other police injured. Two police offficers was killed named Ervin Romans(43) and Daniel Sakai (35).

Finally, through the gunfight between police officers and Mixon, The bullets from police officers pick Mixon's body on the ground and he also died in that place. According to the police,Mixon had two weapons used on that bloody incident, inclulding an assault rifle used at the second crime scene.
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