Robert Stewart, A Soldier who rampaged in Pinelake nursing home

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

NORTH CAROLINA - A soldier named Robert Stewart aged 45 years, from Moore County, rampage in a nursing home in the area of Carthage, North Carolina. With a rage that soldier shoot his gun towards the residents and killed six patients and a nurse. In addition to the seven victims died, three others, including police officers and a visitor at the nursing house is experiencing serious injury. "But the police officer have been getting treatment and are allowed to go home," said the Carthage Police Chief, Chris McKenzie. As quoted CNN, Monday (30/3/2009).

Patients who are in that nursing home has age around of 78-98 years. Such as a Moore county district attorney, Maureen Kruger said. Robert Stewart condition is not currently known after the police successfully arresting him with some shot before.

The dead victims were identified as residents Tessie Garner, 88; Lillian Dunn, 89; Jessie Musser, 88; Bessie Hendrick, 78; John Goldston, 78; Margaret Johnson, 89; Louise Decker, 98. The nurse, of the nursing home, who was killed was named as Jerry Avent

After being tracked, Stewart does not have a relationship with the institution that he attacked. He also does not have relationships with a number of patients who are in the house.

Stewart was charged with 8 counts of first degree murder and one count of felony assault of an officer
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