To Remember David, Family And Friends Created A Group On Facebook

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

In Memory of David Hartanto Widjadja. We love you, Ming-ming

Awkwardness that occurred in the death of David Hartanto Widjaja encourage his family, friends, relatives and colleagues to create a special group in FaceBook which is titled "In memory of David Hartanto Widjaja. We Love You Ming Ming".
The group motored by Anthony Lie and David's brother, William Hartanto, and two friends, deliberately created to gather sympathy for David or used to called Ming Ming by his family and friends.
This group can be accessed at the link

This group is open to anyone. At this time, members of the group until 10:00 WIB has amounted to 926 users. In this group there is also a letter of support to investigate David's death directed to the Indonesian embassy in Singapore.
In addition to the Indonesian embassy Singapore, also provided a draft of letter addressed to President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and addressed through the official website redaction contact

David's Colleagues want the Indonesian government investigate the causes of David's death as soon as possible, because in 30 days will be held a legislative elections. They were worried that the government of Singapore will extend the time in investigate the causes of David's death.

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