The white paper: "Defending Australia in the Asia-Pacific Century; Force 2030", Australia Military Upgrade Plans

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Australia Upgrade Military, The white paper defending australia in the Asia pacific force 2030
Australian government said that they will spend more than U.S. $ 70 billion to upgrade their military over the next two decades. This is done to answer the needs of military strength increasing and military power shift in the world. Key purchases include 100 F-35 fighter jets and 12 new submarines, replacing the current six fleet.

Eight frigates and 24 combat helicopters are also on the list, set out in the country's first defence white paper for 10 years. The white paper is entitled: "Defending Australia in the Asia-Pacific Century; Force 2030".

Australia government says it will enable Australia defending their interests in a changing Asia-Pacific region.

The 12 new hunter-killer submarines - which will be built in Australia - will double the size of the current fleet, and funds will also be allocated to counter cyber and electronic warfare.

The paper said that the U.S would remain an indispensable ally. But it said that China's military build-up - if it remained unexplained - could be a cause for concern in the region.

Australia is not predicting a confrontation with China, but it is planning for that worst-case eventuality.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd denied that the spending was made to response China, saying that Australia simply needed "to take a calm, measured, responsible approach for the future".

But Defence Minister Joel Fitzgibbon said the paper acknowledged that the emergence of new powers could lead to some strategic competition across the globe.

"It's very prudent for the government to ensure against the rift that might flow from that increased strategic competition and, of course, it's very prudent for us to recommit to that doctrine of self-reliance," he told Australian radio.

"In other words, we need to be able to defend our country without necessarily relying on the assistance of other nation states."
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