Ambalat Block Dispute: Negotiator Must convince Malaysia If Ambalat Is Part Of Indonesia

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ambalat Block Dispute: Negotiator Must convinces Malaysia If Ambalat Is Part Of Indonesia
Beginda Pakpahan, political and international relationship observers from Univesity of Indonesia (UI) said that Indonesia's negotiation team must be able to convinces Malaysia that Ambalat block is part of the territory of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI).

"The important tasks of Negotiation Team is how to convincing Malaysia that Ambalat is part of the NKRI, by showing the evidences," he said in Jakarta as quoted by Antara on Thursday.

The team not only from the department of foreign affairs, but also involving the Indonesian Air Force, and Marine Department which has a portfolio for the Indonesia's sea area.

"The negotiation team sent there must be came from the best men in the field and understand about the border issues, especially regarding international agreements and sea borders," he said.

According to Beginda Pakpahan, settlements of Ambalat cases expected to be taken via diplomacy in negotiations that based on the agenda will be held on 13-14 July 2009. "The case has lasted long enough or since 2002 and this meeting plan will be the 14th since this Ambalat controversies occured," he said.

In addition, Beginda said that this case is not expected to become a split-point between these two countries, but we can shows that these issues can be solved through diplomatic channels with the peaceful manners.

"We are still waiting for negotiations to be run. However, Indonesia certainly have to taking position that Ambalat Block is part of NKRI," he said. According to him again, in the negotiations Indonesia will submits early evidences where it is said there are about 16 ban boats as an Indonesia's territory.

These boundaries installed since long time ago and this problems occurred after the case of Sipadan and Ligitan then they claims Ambalat. "The most important things is we have evidences that Ambalat is included in our territorial area," he specified.

He said, the border region is including to the crucial areas, because it related to the sovereignty of each countries. So we must finishes it with a cold head and still provide a strong recognition that Ambalat block is part of the NKRI.
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