Benjamin Netanyahu Speech: Israel Accepts Demilitarized Palestinian State

Monday, June 15, 2009

Israel Palestinian Flag For Peace on New Demilitarized Palestinian StateU.S. President Barack Obama welcomed the speech by the Prime Minister (PM) of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu about the establishment of Palestinian state, Obama also calling it an important step forward.

In his speech, Netanyahu expressed support to the idea of that establishment of Palestinian State. While previously, even though Obama has been urged, PM Netanyahu reluctant to give his commitment on this matter.

"The president is committed to two states, a Jewish State of Israel and an independent Palestine, in the historic homeland of both peoples," White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said in a statement. "He believes this solution can and must ensure both Israel's security and the fulfillment of the Palestinians' legitimate aspirations for a viable state, and he welcomes Prime Minister Netanyahu's endorsement of that goal."

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lifted the shroud from his diplomatic endgame on Sunday night, saying at the BESA Center at Bar-Ilan University that he would support a Palestinian State if he received international guarantees that the new Palestinian State would be demilitarized, and if the Palestinians accepted Israel as the Jewish homeland.

"If we receive this guarantee regarding demilitarization and Israel's security needs, and if the Palestinians recognize Israel as the state of the Jewish people, then we will be ready in a future peace agreement to reach a solution where a demilitarized Palestinian state exists alongside the Jewish state," Netanyahu said and get applause from the crowd who attend the event, this words become his first time he has said he would accept a Palestinian state.

But Palestinian Authority officials in Ramallah expressed outrage and shock over Netanyahu's call for a demilitarized Palestinian state and his demand that the Palestinians recognize Israel as a Jewish state.

The officials said the speech was much worse than they had expected. They also warned that Netanyahu's policies would trigger a new intifada.
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