Rudy Hartono, Unikom Student And Creator Of Robot DU-114 Wins Gold Medal In International RoboGames

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rudy Hartono, Unikom Students And Creator Of Robot DU-114 Wins Gold Medal In International RoboGamesRobot DU-114 made by Rudy Hartono, student of Indonesian Computer University / Universitas Komputer Indonesia (Unikom) Bandung successfully achieves gold medal in the international robot competition in San Francisco, sunday june 14 2009. Gold medal awarded directly by one of the committee of 2009 International RoboGames to the creator of the DU-114, Rudy Hartono.

Andi Rahadian, Consul for Information, Social and Cultural Affairs of Indonesian Consulate General in San Francisco when contacted by ANTARA, explains Robot DU-114 to appear as a winner in the event for the fire extinguisher robot category (open fire fighting autonomous robot).

"For this category, there were 11 teams from various countries who follow the game. Robot DU-114 become the fastest in extinguishing the fire, Andi said. In addition to DU-114 Robot, Indonesia also includes the other robot to compete in the same category, namely Next 116 Robot.

The International RoboGames, the world`s largest robot competition, was held in San Francisco, June 12-14, 2009 and followed by teams from 20 countries who compete in different categories.

DU-114 and Next 116 Robot Unikom International RoboGames 2009The Indonesia's Robot team from Unikom Bandung Indonesia led by the Vice Rector III Unikom Dr. Aelina Surya will return to Indonesia on Tuesday, june 16.

The team arrived in San Francisco on June 4th ago, among others to do the registration on June 5 and security checks on June 10 that are required by the committee of International Robo Games.

On Saturday last week (6 / 6), this Indonesia robot team demonstrated their works in front of Indonesian people in U.S.

'DU-114' and 'Next 116' shows their expertise in finding the source of fire and put out the fire with the wind blowing and the water spray.

Demonstration was attended by about 100 people from various circles, among others from University of California (UC) Berkeley, The staff of the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in San Francisco, students, Indonesian Professional Association (IPA), Communication Forum for Indonesian Church / Forum Komunikasi Gereja Indonesia (FKGI), Senior Friendship Indonesia / Persahabatan Senior Indonesia (PSI), and the Indonesian community in the San Francisco-Bay Area.

During their time in San Francisco, Unikom Robot team had visited the Robotics laboratory at UC Berkeley in the way of cooperation between Unikom and the University of California at Berkeley.

According to Andi Rahadian, during a visit to UC Berkeley, they were greeted by George Anwar, Indonesian citizens who served as head of the Robotics division of UC-Berkeley.
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