What Is Google Adsense? Introduction To Pay Per Click (PPC) Program

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Nowadays, Google Adsense become the most popular Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisement program for websites owners or bloggers to earn additional incomes from their sites or blogs. People who joint Adsense program and put the Adsense ads on their blogs or sites usually called as Adsense Publishers. Google Adsense Publishers places Google Advertisements on their sites or blogs and they earn revenue from commissions shared by Google.

Google Adsense Publishers will be able to place Google ads on their sites and blogs by put some html code provided by Google. And the ads will appears on where the codes placed before. The ads will automatically appears related to the site contents. When someone (Visitors) clicks on these ads then site owners earn money from these clicks. The program is known as PPC (Pay Per Click). Anyone who owns his own site or blog can join Google Adsense and make a lot of revenue.

Many website and bolg owners using Google Adsense for contents and making up to five or six figure monthly income. An average site with quality contents can easily make $3000 to $10000 monthly from Google Adsence. In Adsense cases, the quality contents are king of the game.

If you have a website or blog you can apply for Google AdSense account and if your blog accepted, then Google will open your new account on their system and assign a unique publisher code to you. You can copy Adsense code from your account and paste it into your web pages. You can simply add this JavaScript code into the HTML of your webpage.

When a visitor see our Google Adsense Ads related to our blog's contents appear on the page, and they click on the ads, Google charge the advertiser with amount of money, and than shares the revenue with us. This system automatically work so if you have a content rich website or blog and lots of people visit you site or blog and you want to make extra money, AdSense is something you should seriously consider. It is an excellent opportunity to make money on the internet.
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