Coroner: Michael Jackson Death Homicide | Dr. Conrad Murray Face Murder Charge

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Michael Jackson / Dr. Conrad Murray
More than two months after the death of world superstar Michael Jackson or Jacko on June 25, the U.S. authorities finally issued an official statement which confirmed that the death of the King of Pop is a murder by giving a lethal drug overdose.

As quoted by the U.S. media, officials of Los Angeles coroner's office, on Friday issued an official statement stating that propofol aka hard drugs and tranquilizers Lorazepam as a strong cause of Jacko's death.

LA coroner's office also found other drugs detected in the body of Michael Jackson, which is a mixture of sedative Midazolam and Diazepam; Lidocaine pain killers and stimulants Ephedrine.

However, at the request of the police and the Los Angeles County district attorney, the office is still sealed complete autopsy report of Jacko's death. Since the death of Michael Jackson on June 25 - he suffered heart failure at his home in Los Angeles, police investigation of the case is directed at the content of drugs in the body of Jackson.

Investigations are also directed to the performance of doctors, especially his personal physician - Dr. Conrad Murray, who handles Jackson when the king of pop was dead.

According to media reports, the Los Angeles police would bring the case to the prosecutor, which is likely to issue criminal charges of premeditated murder. Dr. Conrad Murray is a person who is suspected of killing Jackson accidentally - this is mentioned in a search warrant to the Conrad's office.

Meanwhile, Entertainment Tonight (ET) on Friday afternoon cites reaction from the Jackson's family about the autopsy results released by the Los Angeles coroner's office.

ET quoted Jackson's family saying that they praised the performance of coroner's office, the Police and the Los Angeles authorities and hope that justice for Michael Jackson soon reached.
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