Eminent Persons Group (EPG) Urges Malaysia To Investigate Humiliations Against Indonesia

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Indonesia Malaysia Relationship
Spokesperson for Indonesia-Malaysia Eminent Persons Group, Musni Umar in Jakarta said, EPG urging Kementerian Hal-Ehwal dan Keamanan Dalam Negeri Malaysia (Home Affairs and Internal Security Ministry) to investigate, dragged to court and punish the perpetrators of broadcasting Tari Pendet delivered by the Discovery Channel for Malaysian tourism promotion conducted by a third party.

Eminent Persons Group also urge Malaysian Govt. to investigate the actors who change lyrics of the Indonesia Raya songs contained in www.topix.com/malaysia, and the issue of abuse against migrant workers who allegedly committed by Malaysian police.

"This investigation is important, so it does not happen again in the future. EPG expect all parties in the month of Ramadhan to be level-headed, impatient and self-control, did not incite the various provocations," he said.

EPG, according to Musni, has developed and delivered a number of recommendations to the government of Indonesia and Malaysia, which, Insya Allah, become a solution to overcome the various problems in the relations between the two neighbor countries.

"We condemn the action and urged the Indonesian and Malaysian police to prosecute the perpetrators, dragged into court and punished with as severe because the act is a crime and a form of provocation," he said.
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