Human Right Watch (HRW) Letter To President SBY Concerning On Corruption Eradication

Friday, August 14, 2009

Human Right Watch (HRW)
Human Rights Watch (HRW) as the international observer organization for human rights issued a petition for the Indonesia's president SBY. One of them is about immediate action concerning about completing of corruption Bill legislation.

"We urge you to: Act immediately to ensure the National Parliament enacts legislation to renew the KPK court, without eroding its authority or independence. If necessary issue an appropriate executive order until legislation can be passed;" as quoted from the content of petition in official site of HRW.

Human Right Watch also urged President SBY to perform emergency measures to save the Tipikor Court. Including to publish the Perpu (Law Replacement Regulation).

The United States-based NGOs also ask SBY to be investigate the case thoroughly allegations of corruption inside the Indonesia's military, police and parliament, including the use of anti-corruption and money laundering legislation to fight corruption in the forestry sector.

"Anti-corruption efforts should be broadened to be effective. Sustained, rigorous efforts to root out corruption in the police, judiciary and military will help stem the loss of tax revenues from lucrative natural resources, especially the forestry and plantation sectors," as mentioned in the content of the letter.

The existence of the Anti-Corruption Commission (KPK) is also supported by Human Right Watch. They assess, KPK existence can be as well if supported by the Court of Tipikor that also working well. "These include maintaining the number of ad-hoc judges of 3 people."

In addition to appeal a matter of corruption, Human Right Watch also ask to complete cases of human rights violations, repair the situation in Papua, the child protection system and religious freedom. These including investigation of the case of Munir bin Thalib, a respected human rights advocate murdered on a Garuda Indonesia flight five years ago.
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