Indonesian Mountaineering Federation Puts Up Red And White On Mount Elbrus

Monday, August 17, 2009

Indonesian Climber On Mount Elbrus
Seven Summits, Indonesian Team from Mountaineering Federation of Indonesia is currently trying to reach the peak of Mount Elbrus in Russia. They will put up the Red and White flag on 17 August to commemorate the Indonesian independence day. This effort is also become part of the missions to climb the seven highest mountain peak in the world.

Mount Elbrus (west summit) stands at 5,642 metres and it is not only the highest mountain in Europe, it is also the highest point of Russia. The east summit is slightly lower 5,621 metres. Mount Elbrus is often called as the Roof of Europe.

Franky Kowaas (46), the main climber of Indonesian team on Thursday (13/8/2009) reported that he has reached a height of 4,100 metres, and on saturday, Franky says that they will continue to climb the Pastukhov Rock with height of 4,644 metres.

"The weather is very friendly, but the temperature minus 5 degrees. I still in my best condition," Franky said in a release received by detikcom, Friday (14/8/2009).

Elbrus Mountaineering
Indonesian expedition team, Seven Summit's mission is to climb seven highest mountain in the world.

Those mountains are Mount Everest with height of 8,850 meters above sea level in Nepal, Mount Aconcagua, 6,962 metres in Argentina, Mount Mckinley / Denali 6,194 metres in Alaska, Mount Kilimanjaro 5,963 metres in Tanzania, Mount Elbrus in Russia 5,642 metres, Mount Vinson Massif in the Ellsworth Range 4,897 metres, and Carstensz Pyramid 4,884 metres in Papua, Indonesia.
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