Noordin M Top Remains Will Be Identified In Bhayangkara Hospital Semarang

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Noordin M Top Dead
Remains of a man who is suspected as Noordin M Top in Densus 88 ambush at home owned by Mohzahri in Beji village, Temanggung, Central Java, will be identified in the Bhayangkara Hospital Semarang, Central Java. "Noordin M Top already shot dead, and will soon be brought to Semarang," said police officials who are reluctant to name mentioned, Saturday (8/8/2009).

This decision made because of the distance of the nearest town with the incident site in the Central Java is Semarang. However, when the truth of the circulating news is confirmed, the hospital mention that they did not know about the information yet.

"We have not know. There have been no information that there are remains and the injured victim will go to this hospital," said one of the hospital official.

Visibility in the field, has not seen improvement in the security of Bhayangkara Hospital Semarang. While a number of journalists from local media and outside the country have already gathered in the hospital.
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