Informal WTO Ministerial Meeting: Countries Agree To Resolve Doha Round Of Negotiations

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Informal WTO Ministerial Meeting
Informal Ministerial Meeting (IMM) of the World Trade Organization (WTO) produce a conclusion among member countries of WTO, reaffirms desire completing the Doha Round of negotiations in 2010.

"Conclusion Chair's Summary has decided by the Chairman, an Indian Trade Minister Anand Sharma, after conducting in-depth discussion of how to translate political will into the process of negotiations in Geneva," said Trade Minister Mari Elka Pangestu, when making long distance phone calls with reporters in New Delhi, India, Friday, September 4, 2009.

WTO IMM held in New Delhi, 3-4 September 2009, initiated by the Government of India and attended by ministers and deputy ministers from 35 WTO member countries, and WTO Director General Pascal Lamy.

Politically, Mari said, Chair's Summary will be a valuable input for the Conference of Heads of State G-20 which will be performed in Pittsburgh in the third week of September 2009.

According to Mari, unlike political appeals earlier, the results of IMM are more concrete because the ministers agreed to translate political commitment into concrete action by describing the resolution of the Doha Round sequences in an action of road map.

"The ministers agreed that the Chief Negotiator or a senior official to meet in Geneva on September 14, 2009, to create a program of action that must be executed in two or three months, so that negotiations can be completed in 2010," said Mari.

"And most importantly, the United States has shown a signal to start negotiations. With the U.S. gave a positive signal, China will also give a positive response, because since the beginning of China is committed if the United okay, China will also okay," Mari said.

In addition, in Informal WTO Ministerial Meeting also agreed that the head of negotiations on service issues and other issues immediately resolve the issues that still have not agreed, making priorities of the discussion and create a work program and timeline to include the revised offer for the services.
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