SuaraJihad, Haroky2000 And RumahJihad Writings Considered As Defending Terrorism

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rumah JihadHaroky 2000
In the middle of the Indonesian Police efforts to eradicate terrorism in the country, a lot of supports for terrorist suspects and activities that bring Jihad (an individual's striving for spiritual self-perfection) terms began to appear on the internet. Among others characterized by the presence of a number of blogs praising the terrorist suspects and insulting the police.

You can see the writings in their blogs below: (written in Bahasa Indonesia)

Suara Jihad, Haroky 2000, Rumah Jihad.

Those Blogs have been covering news and stories defending terrorism and terms of Jihad. Eg Suarajihad calls the community to protect the terrorism fugitives in the name of fellow Muslims.

Haroky2000 praising terrorism suspects Ibrohim aka Boim who was killed in Densus 88 Anti-Terror raid in Temanggung. Haroky2000 also called Ibrohim as the sword of Islam. Meanwhile, National Police Chief Gen Bambang Hendarso Danuri (BHD) is said to be America's lackeys.

"America's lackeys, Republic of Indonesia's Police to ensure that the Mujahid's (martyr) body was Syahid (Killed to defend Islam) in Temanggung, Central Java is Ibrohim. In that ambush, Ibrohim surrounded about 600 America's dogs, the members of Detachment 88 Anti-Terror squad with other combined personnel," said the blogs on one of its posts Wednesday (9/9/2009).

Not only the Police Chief who'v been reviled in these blogs, Police Headquarter's Head of Public Relations Inspector General of Police Nanan Soekarna also be sprayed. Nanan was mentioned as a braggart.

"He (Ibrohim) is being prepared, hidden for preparation, said the Police braggart, laddie Inspector General Nanan Soekarna at Kramat Jati Hospital, East Jakarta," said the author of the blog.

In fact, State Secretary Hatta Rajasa also said to boast in his statement that states that President SBY gave appreciation to the Police in the fight against terrorism. "According to State Secretary Hatta Rajasa, it does not affect the appreciation of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on police work. The President was not disappointed. However Ibrohim are [members of] terrorist group, said Hatta the swashbuckler," he added.

While Suarajihad wrote to the fugitives of terrorism to not need to be grieve. "For those who run and captured, do not be sad. Indeed Allah with us," the blog writes.
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