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Boeing Gets B-52 Weapons Systems Modernization Contract from Washington

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Boeing B-52 aircraft weapon system
The Pentagon on Wednesday (29 / 9) gave U.S. $ 12 billion contract to Boeing to help modernize the B-52 weapons systems in more than eight years. "The contract provides for the acquisition and maintenance activities required to support the ongoing modernization of the B-52 weapon system," Department of Defense said in a statement in Washington.

On Tuesday, Boeing said that they has received a separate three-year U.S. $ 5.3 billion contract with U.S. Navy to create a 124 jet fighter. Under the terms of the agreement, Boeing from 2012 to 2015 will submit 66 aircraft and 58 F/A-18E/F Super Hornets fighter EA-18-G Growlers to the U.S. Navy.

B-52 is U.S. long-range heavy bomber, designed in 1948 by the Boeing Company and first flown in 1952. Originally intended as an atomic-bomb carrier capable of reaching the Soviet Union, it has proved highly adaptable and has remained in service as a conventional bomber, cruise-missile carrier, and maritime reconnaissance platform. It has a wingspan of 185 ft (56 m) and a length of more than 160 ft (49 m). Powered by eight jet engines, its maximum speed at 55,000 ft (17,000 m) is 595 mph (960 kph).

EA-18-G Growlers is capable of advanced electronic warfare aircraft, that can do missions to disrupt the opponent's radar system based on aircraft carriers to replace the EA-6B Prowler. Boeing shares rose more than one percent after hours trading in the middle of the announcement Wednesday.

Boeing is currently competing with rival Airbus from Europe to win the U.S. $ 40 billion project to renew the U.S. military tanker aircraft fleet.

U.S Asks Japanese company Inpex Corp. to Withdraw from Iran Oil Project

Iran Oil and Nuclear
U.S. officially has asked the Japanese government to withdraw from the oil project in Azadegan, Iran. The Japanese company Inpex Corp. has been involved in oil projects in Iran, so that the U.S. needs to issue the official request. This is related to the sanctions from Washington against the Islamic Republic who refuses to stop nuclear enrichment program.

Iran government insists, their nuclear enrichment program is for peaceful purposes. But the U.S. and his colleagues - Western countries - pointed the program to make weapons of mass destruction.

U.S. pressure against the Japanese government disclosed by Japanese media, the Yomiuri newspaper. Moreover, the Japanese government holds a majority stake in Inpex Corp., of 30 percent.

Inpex Corp. known as one of the biggest exploraion company for natural gas and oil in Indonesia and Australia, along with other oil-rich areas such as the Caspian Sea, Middle East, and South America. The company, which is focusing its efforts on the cleaner burning liquified natural gas (LNG), exports its products from Indonesia to Japan, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Inpex Corp. has partnered with companies such as BP and Chevron to explore for and produce crude oil from fields in Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Iran, and through the acquisition of Japan Oil Development has working interests in offshore oil fields in the United Arab Emirates.

Merrill Lynch Global Wealth Management Report: China and India, the New Millionaire Countries

China India Economy
Total population of wealthy people in Asia Pacific has experienced a major growth, rose 25.8 percent to 3 million people by 2009. In fact, the amount exceeds the population of wealthy people in Europe. The report said by the Merrill Lynch Global Wealth Management and Capgemini has just been released 28 September 2010.

Property value of millionaires in the Asia Pacific region increased 30.9 percent to U.S. $ 9.7 trillion in 2009. Meanwhile, the number of super rich people in Asia Pacific rose 36.7 percent to 19,600.

"China and India become a motor of fastest growth of rich people in Asia Pacific, while Japan is still the most important market in Asia," said Wilson So, Head of Wealth Management at Merrill Lynch Global Wealth for the Asia Pacific region. This area is very promising and a strategic focus for the wealth management company. "

According to the report, the population of rich people in the Asia Pacific region is still focused on the top three countries, namely Japan, China and Australia. The three accounted for 76.1 percent of the total population of wealthy people in Asia Pacific, as well as controls 70 percent of the total wealth in the region.

Japan is by far the largest market for the Asia Pacific region which controls 54.6 percent of the population of millionaires and covers 40.3 percent of wealth in the region. Meanwhile, China became the second largest market in the region and fourth largest in the world with a total population of 477 thousand millionaires, or up 31 percent from a year earlier.

India is also experiencing rapid growth in 2009 with the increase in millionaire population and wealth as much as 50.9 percent and 53.8 percent. The increase was driven by the re-emergence of stock markets, as well as domestic economic strength.

"Asia-Pacific proved to be the toughest region in the economic crisis," said Bertrand Lavayssière, Managing Director Global Financial Services, Capgemini.

RIM Has Announced to Launch BlackBerry Playbook Tablet PC

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

BlackBerry Playbook Tablet PCManufacturer of BlackBerry, Research In Motion (RIM), Canada, finally announced a new device in the form of tablet computer, on Monday (9/27/2010) in the RIM Developer Conference in San Francisco. If previously rumored that the tablet will be named BlackPad, this new tablet evidently named the BlackBerry Playbook.

BlackBerry Playbook has 7 inches screen, smaller than Apple iPad. With an operating system made by QNX Software Systems that was acquired by RIM in the early years. Unlike iPad that has no camera, Playbook has two cameras in front and behind. This device will be released in April 2011. However, RIM has not revealed the price, stating only be sold with a price range that competes with the iPad.

There was no cellular connection on the device, but there is WiFi to access the Internet. Although not able to call, this tablet can be connected wirelessly via BlackBerry devices and via a WiFi connection as a second screen that is wider so that the users can see its activity when make a phone call. WiFi can also be used to access mobile services via BlackBerry.

RIM co-CEO Jim Balsillie stated the device was designed as a standalone product to provide web access experience perfectly. RIM does not apply the approach of applications to access various web-based services including Flash with this Playbook device. "It means that the device will not depend on third-party applications or app," said Balsillie.

Playbook is designed as a consumer device that will be sold in retail. RIM would have positioned the product as a tool for the enterprise to business needs.

Ecospec Global Technology Creates CSNOx System to Reduce Carbon Emissions

According to a report released by Inodesia's Bureau of Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics (Badan Meteorologi, Klimatologi dan Geofisika / BMKG), in 2009, carbon emissions rose sharply as much as 10ppm to 382ppm (parts per million) from 372ppm.

These figures are alarming. The reason is, when matched with the figures released by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the rate of growth of global carbon emissions per year in 2009 only equal to 1.61 ppm.

Increasing population, economic growth and the absence of significant anticipatory measures, carbon emissions in this country will continue to rise. At this growth rate, Indonesia would not be able to fulfill his promise to the United Nations to reduce carbon emissions by 26% in 2020.

Ecospec Global Technology, a Singapore-based technology and research company try to offer solutions. Through a new system that is named CSNOx, Ecospec managed to deliver a system that can efficiently remove sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) from exhaust.

For information, SO2 and NOx emissions are contained in large vessels, power plants, factories and industrial processing. The technique used by Ecospec can also press the carbon dioxide (CO2) in large numbers simultaneously.

"This technology is important for terrestrial and marine industry globally," said Chew Hwee Hong, Founder and Managing Director Ecospec, in his statement, 29 September 2010. "This technology can eliminate the harmful emissions in a single process and can be installed in all types of ships," he said.

The system is named CSNOx using water as medium. Not only reducing gas emissions that contribute to climate change and air pollution, a process that is ran by CSNOx achieved without the need for chemicals or additives materials, and do not result in acidification of the sea, or produces by-products that need to be stored and disposed.

Windows Live Spaces Blogging Platform Stop Services, Users Migrates to WordPress.com

Windows Live Spaces blogging service will be replaced by WordPress.com
Microsoft and Automattic, parent company of WordPress.com announced that Windows Live Spaces blogging service will be replaced by WordPress.com. Users of these services can transfer their blog via the migration tools from today.

In his statement, Dharmesh Mehta, Director of Windows Live Product Management Microsoft said, in recent weeks, his party and Automattic have discussed about cooperation and integration on the internet.

"When we saw the need for blogging and what is offered by various companies, we are interested in what is done by WordPress.com," Mehta said, as quoted by Mashable, Tuesday, September 28, 2010.

For that, according to Mehta, than Windows Live invest to create a rival blogging service, Microsoft decided to bring them through the WordPress.com blogging solution.

"Starting today, users of Windows Live Spaces will have the option to switch their blogs to WordPress," said Paul Kim, Vice President of User Growth, Automattic, on its official blog. "To simplify, we make the importer from Windows Live Spaces to WordPress.com."

In addition, Kim said, users of Windows Live will be offered to create a blog in WordPress when they will create a new blog.

For information, WordPress.com currently accommodate 14 million blogs. If half of the 30 million blogs on Windows Live Spaces switch, it will be a very significant acquisition for WordPress.

BlackPad from Blackberry,The Newest Tablet PC will be Launched Soon

Saturday, September 25, 2010

BlackPad from RIM BlackBerry
Apparently Apple continue to be terrorized by its competitors. After Galaxy Tab Samsung launched some time ago, Apple iPad will have a new 'guest' from neighboring countries, namely BlackPad, tablet computers made by Research In Motion (RIM).

After Samsung Galaxy Tab appears with OS Android, Research In Motion, the BlackBerry device manufacturer and service from Canada, ready to launch BlackPad that comes with QNX operating system on the annual event of BlackBerry Developer Conference in San Francisco.

For information, software made by QNX has been used in various types of applications, from BMW vehicle navigation, to the software for U.S. military's six-wheel unmanned vehicles, which is created by Carnegie Mellon University in 2006, the tanks Crusher.

Reportedly, RIM also took Quanta Computer Inc. of Taiwan to create and design BlackPad. As for the chip, manufacturer have just launched the BlackBerry Torch in Indonesia has appointed Marvell Technology Group, Inc. as a partner.

Referring to the previous news, BlackPad will come with 9.7-inch touch screen, similar to the iPad. The price is pegged relatively cheaper, but still in the same range with the Apple's start from U.S. $ 499.

There are Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth in it. Users also can connect to the internet via their BlackBerry, unlike Apple which prohibit IPAD users accessing the 3G data service via iPhone.

List Of World's Richest Countries 2010 Released By Global Finance

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

World's Richest Countries List
1. Qatar

Qatar is ranked first as the richest country in the world with a GDP per capita of U.S. $ 90,149 per year in 2010. Qatar is one of oil and gas rich country in the Middle East region, and also the largest gas exporter in the world. Total land area of 11,586 square kilometers with a population only 1.15 million inhabitants in 2009.

Interestingly, Qatar is the only country from the Arab region that included in the top ten world's richest nations. Total foreign exchange reserves is only U.S. $ 19.8 billion in November 2009. With gross domestic product of U.S. $ 52.7 billion in 2008, Qatar's economy relies on oil and gas industry.

2. Luxembourg

Luxembourg ranks second as the world's richest country with GDP per capita of U.S. $ 79,411 per year. Luxembourg is a small country in the world with an area of just 2500 square kilometers. Total population is also very small, only 490 thousand people in 2006.

Luxembourg is known as one of the countries that rely on economies of central services and financial services, where many of the rich save their money. More than 86 percent of Luxembourg's GDP valued at U.S. $ 54 billion comes from service industries. Even so, in Luxembourg, also known a number of the world's top industry, such as ArcelorMittal (steel), RTL Group (media), Evras Group (material) and the Tenaris (oil).

3. Norway

Norway occupies the third position as the world's richest countries with GDP per capita amounted to U.S. $ 52,964 per year. The country located in northern continental Europe, the total population is very small, only 4.7 million inhabitants occupy an area of 323 thousand square kilometers.

Norway is an exporter of oil and refined products, machinery and equipment, metals, chemicals, ships and fisheries. Norway's GDP reached U.S. $ 449 billion in 2008 by relying on industry and services. Several large companies are Norwegian Statoil (oil and gas), Telenor (Telecommunications), Yara International (chemicals) and Orkla (food and beverages).

4. Singapore

Singapore ranked fourth with a GDP per capita of U.S. $ 52,840 per year. Singapore located in Southeast Asia is a small island states, with an area almost equivalent to Jakarta. Singapore Area only 699 square kilometers, while the Jakarta area 661 square kilometers. However, Singapore's population just 4.75 million people.

This country's foreign exchange reserves total U.S. $ 187 billion at the end of December 2009 and total gross domestic product of U.S. $ 181 billion at the end of 2008. Singapore relies on revenue as service centers and financial services in Asia. Many wealthy people in Asia, including Indonesia save their money in this country.

5. Brunei Darussalam

Brunei is one of a small country in Southeast Asia. The total area of 5765 square kilometers with a population of 400 thousand people. The total population of Brunei's GDP per capita is U.S. $ 48.7 million, or a Rp438 million per year.

With a total GDP of U.S. $ 11.5 billion, Brunei's economy relies on oil and gas industry. The Kingdom state, led by Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, one of the richest people in the world is a country that has plenty of oil wealth.

6. United States

The sixth rank as the world's richest countries, the United States, also known as the country with the largest economy in the world. With a total GDP of U.S. $ 14 trillion, not any single country that run counter to U.S. economic prowess. Hundreds of U.S. companies also entered the ranks of the world's top multinational corporations, let's call them Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Microsoft, Exxon, Chevron, Wal-Mart, Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase and so on.

With hundreds of world-class companies, despite a population of 308 million inhabitants, the average American population into a row of the world's most prosperous citizens. Total U.S. GDP per capita is U.S. $ 47.7 thousand per year.

7. Hong Kong

Hong Kong, one of the World's richest Country from Asia, along with Singapore and Brunei which occupies a row of the top 10 richest countries of the world. With a GDP per capita of U.S. $ 44.8 thousand or per year, Hong Kong ranked seventh in the world.

With an area of 1104 square kilometers, Hong Kong has a population of 7.1 million inhabitants. With a total GDP of U.S. $ 215 billion, economy, the Hong Kong (92 percent) rely heavily on service industries and services, particularly financial. Total foreign exchange reserves of U.S. $ 255 billion in December 2009. Some companies snapper is a Hong Kong Hutchison Whampoa, Jardine Matheson, China Mobile and CNOOC.

8. Switzerland

With a GDP per capita of U.S. $ 43.9 thousand per year, Switzerland occupies the eighth position as the world's richest countries. Occupying an area of 41 thousand square kilometers, one country in Europe has an estimated population of 7.3 million inhabitants.

Swiss economy is also dependent on financial services and industrial sectors with a total GDP of U.S. $ 488 billion in 2008. Switzerland is also known as a country where rich people save their treasure. A number of reputable companies are Nestle Swiss, Suisse Credit Group, Zurich Financial Services, and Roche Holding.

9. Netherlands

Holland occupies the ninth position as the world's richest countries with GDP per capita of U.S. $ 40.6 thousand per year. Area occupies 41 thousand square kilometers, the Dutch territory inhabited by 16.8 million people in 2009.

Netherlands economies also depend on the service sector and industries with a total GDP of U.S. $ 860 billions in 2008. A number of top companies worldwide are Royal Dutch Shell, Unilever, ING Group and Royal Philips Electronics.

10. Australia

Australia occupies the tenth position as the world's richest countries with GDP per capita of U.S. $ 39.4 thousand per year. Australia's total area reached 7.6 million square kilometers with a population of 21.5 million inhabitants.

With a total GDP of U.S. $ 1,015 trillion, the Australian economy depends on the service sector and industry. A number of large companies from Australia are ANZ Bank, Rio Tinto, Telstra.

Qatar, The World's Richest And Most Prosperous Country

Qatar, World's Richest CountryQatar has emerged as the richest country in the world with per capita income of U.S. $ 90,149 in 2010.

Latest Publication by leading U.S. business media, Global Finance said Qatar's per capita income increased compared to last year amounted to U.S. $ 83,841.

Came in second place was Luxembourg, which is known as the richest country since long. The per capita income of the country with a very small populations has reached U.S. $ 79,411. The third position is occupied by Norway with per capita income of U.S. $ 52,964.

Meanwhile, Singapore was in fourth position with per capita income of U.S. $ 52,840. Brunei was in fifth place with U.S. $ 48,714.

As the most prosperous country in the world, according to a publication that was released 19 September 2010, Qatar get a blessing from the jump in state revenues was driven by increased production and export of liquefied natural gas (LNG). In fact, Qatar has become the biggest gas exporter in the world with production reaching a record of 77 million tons per year.

Interestingly, Qatar is the only representative from the Arab region who were in the top 10 richest countries of the world. Among Arab countries, Qatar ranked first. Second position in the Arab countries, Kuwait with income per capita of U.S. $ 38,984 or only half if compared with Qatar.

Qatar is not only known as the richest country and the largest gas producer. However, this country is the most competitive countries in the Middle East. According to data from the World Economic Forum 2010-2011, Qatar was in 17th position as the most competitive country in the world and number one in the Middle East.

Qatar is a country with a stable macroeconomic environment, efficient markets, bureaucracy and institutional quality, efficient and low-level government corruption, as well as a very good level of security. World Economic Forum this September has reported that "Qatar is the fastest growing country in the world, in 2010 Qatar economic estimated to grow 18.5 percent,"

Global Finance Releases List Of Richest and Poorest Countries

Monday, September 20, 2010

World's richest countries list
Global Finance, Leading U.S. business magazine, recently has released an updated list of rich, wealthy, prosperous and poor countries throughout the world. The magazine showcases 182 countries around the world from the richest to the poorest. Richest country is occupied by Qatar, with a gross domestic product (GDP) per capita of U.S. $ 90,149 per year in 2010. While poorest country is the Republic of Congo, with GDP per capita is only U.S. $ 342 a year.

The method used to determine the state of wealth is to compare the living standards of the overall population of one country by using gross domestic product (GDP) per capita based on parity or purchasing power balance internationally.

This measure of living standards between countries, using indicators of the relative cost of living, inflation, and exchange rate of a country that was converted into a common currency (international dollars, U.S. dollars).

Here are the List of Ten Richest Countries in the World

Indicated of Money Laundering, BI Revoked Business Licenses of 25 Non-Bank Foreign Exchange Dealer

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Money Laundering Foreign ExchangeBank Indonesia (BI) has revoked the business licenses of 25 Non-Bank Foreign Exchange Dealer (Pedagang Valuta Asing Bukan Bank / PVA BB) or money changer. Those 25 money changers are indicated to the elements of the crime of money laundering activities.

Deputy Governor of Bank Indonesia Budi Rochadi after signing a memorandum of understanding (MoU) People's Business Credit (Kredit Usaha Rakyat / KUR) in the office of the Ministry of Economic Affairs said, BI already has the disciplinary rules of money changer in particular the problem of licensing and capital.

Revocation of the 25 money changers, he said, according to Bank Indonesia Regulation (PBI) No.9/11/PBI/2007 September 5, 2007 on Foreign Exchange Traders. BI has provided it's first warning, second warning, and calls of Executives and Shareholders. However, all of those processes were not heeded.

Given today's 25 money changers did not heed and follow up the invitation to the Board and the Shareholders in more than six months since the issuance of sanctions, then the BI impose sanctions in the form of revocation of business licenses.

The 25 Money Changers are:

1. PT Aneka Valasindo Lestari;
Globe Plaza, Lantai I No. 145, Jalan Samanhudi No. 4, Pasar Baru, Jakarta Pusat.

2. PT Anugerah Siloam Valasindo;
Gedung Atlantica, Jl. Kuningan Barat No. 7, Jakarta Selatan.

3. PT Apex Valasindo;
Gedung Harco Mangga Dua Lt. 1 No. 31, Jl. Arteri Mangga Dua Raya, Jakarta Pusat.

4. PT Bina Arta Swadaya Money Changer;
Rukan Artha Gading Niaga Blok C No. 10, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara.

5. PT Bogoan;
Jl. Kali Besar Barat No. 38, RT/RW : 006/003, Jakarta Barat.

6. PT Davinzki Forexa;
Grand Panglima Polim, Jl. Wijaya II/52, Jakarta Selatan.

7. PT Dewata Artha Pratanshi;
Cilandak Town Square Matahari Supermarket Lt.1, Jl. TB. Simatupang Kav.17, Jakarta Selatan.

8. PT Diorra Prima Valutama;
Jl. Suryo No. 50, Jakarta Selatan.

9. PT Duta Mustika Valasindo;
Pusat Niaga Roxy Mas Blok E I/42, Jl. KH.Hasyim Ashari, Jakarta Pusat.

10. PT Indovalas Kemalindo;
Tamini Square, Lt. Ground Blok GS 10 No.01, Jl. Pondok Gede, Jakarta Timur.

11. PT Indovalas Prima;
Jl. Danau Sunter Utara Blok J12 No. 6, Sunter, Jakarta Utara.

12. PT Inko Asset;
Gedung Bursa Efek Jakarta Menara 1, Suite 304, Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52-53, Jakarta Selatan.

13. PT Megasari Investment;
Jl. KH. Wahid Hasyim No. 007, Jakarta Pusat.

14. PT Miger Forexindo;
Jl. Boulevar Artha Gading, Mal Artha Gading Lt. 1 Blok A6/15, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara.

15. PT Molindo Viega Egitama;
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda Ruko No. 8N, Jakarta Selatan.

16. PT Permata Leleangi Indovalas;
Jl. Asia Afrika Senayan Trade Center Lt. 4, Gelora Tanah Abang, Jakarta.

17. PT Prima Indoses;
Komp.Ruko Roxymas Blok D3/23, Jl. KH Hasyim Ashari, Jakarta Pusat.

18. PT Prima Prestasi Valutama;
Jl. Daan Mogot No.88, Jakarta Barat.

19. PT Prima Valasina;
Jl. Prof Soepomo SH 6 A, Jakarta Selatan.

20. PT Rahayu Inti Valasindo;
Wisma Mitra Sunter Ground Floor D-04, Jl. Yos Sudarso Kav.89, Jakarta Utara.

21. PT Royal Dana Ekatama;
Jl. Kapten Tendean No. 12, Jakarta Selatan.

22. PT Sumber Devisindo Bersama;
Jl. KH. Hasyim Ashari No. 12 Rt.001 RW.004, Petojo Utara, Gambir, Jakarta Pusat.

23. PT Tuparev Valas;
Jl. Tuparev No. 281, Karawang, Jawa Barat.

24. PT Tri Murti Valasindo;
Oil Center Building, Jl. M.H.Thamrin No.55, Jakarta Pusat.

25. PT Yatim International Money Changer;
ITC Kuningan Lt.3 Blk.C1 No.3, Jl. Prof Dr. Satrio, Jakarta Selatan.

Indonesia Asks Malaysia to Pardon Three Death-Row Prisoners

Death-RowIndonesia has submitted an official request to the Malaysian government to pardon three citizens of Indonesia, who was sentenced to death in the neighbor country. Three Indonesians are Parlan Dadeh, Bustaman bin Bukhari and Tarmizi. All three were sentenced to death in a narcotics case.

Request was submitted by the government through a letter signed by the Minister of Justice and Human Rights (Menkumham) Patrialis Akbar. "Today we send a letter to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Malaysia (Anifah Aman) for the three men not to be sentenced to death," said Patrialis to reporters in Jakarta, Friday (17 / 9).

"We expect you to help us approaching the competent authorities in Malaysia who can give clemency to three Indonesian citizens at the top," said the letter was dated 16 September 2010.

Patrialis hope the punishment of all three can be commuted. "I hope not death penalty. May be reduced to 20 years or extradited to Indonesia," he explained.

He said the Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawan and Malaysia Foreign Minister Anifah Aman have discussed this before. "But because Menkumham who holds the authority, of course we are trying," he added.

Approximately 70 other Indonesians also threatened the death penalty in Malaysia. Patrialis said the government will focus on three citizens first. "Three people first. Because the others are uncertain. The others are still in process and appeals. Meaning is uncertain," he said.

Comfortable House: Bedroom Design and Decorating Tips

Thursday, September 16, 2010

There are 15 points that must be considered before designing a bedroom. Applying to the 15th of the following, means getting a bedroom in accordance with the needs, tastes and your budget.

When we build or renovate a house, one room which usually be the main focus in planning is the bedroom. The reason is easily traced. The bedroom is a private space where we rest and often also for work and leisure. Some people even like to spend most of his time in the room.

As a private area, bedroom design and needs become personal. Besides the standard functions of the bedroom, personal taste will also be important here. However, any personal design require consideration and limitation as guidance in designing a good and comfortable bedroom.

If possible, begin the process of designing from a scratch. This will allow you to add or change the design sometime in the future, because the needs and themes has defined from the beginning.

To design a comfortable bedroom and in accordance with your personality, you'll want to note 15 of the following.

1. The style / design style.
The basis in developing ideas in decorating, among others is from the style. Is that the neoclassical style, modern minimalist, pop-retro or eclectic. Determine the style you choose from the beginning.

2. The color theme.
Favorite color is usually an option, especially in single or teenager's rooms. The selected color does not have to be only one. To enrich the texture, color, monochromatic color or a contrasting color accent could be an alternative.

3. Lighting.
Good natural lighting (sunlight), artificial or special lighting may be calculated from the beginning. This lighting effect will give a "soul" to the interior.

4. Floor.
After determining the concept and atmosphere, planning move to the finishing material. Start with determining the type of flooring. For warm atmosphere, a bedroom usually wear wood floors (parquet). However, ceramic or granite tile also provides a wide variety of choices for style and color.

5. Walls.
For a luxurious feel, you can use wallpapers with a various choice of colors, patterns and textures. The color theme you have set will affect this step.

6. Finishing furniture.
This type of finishing options are also related to the theme and atmosphere you want. If you like the look of wood fiber, melamine spray techniques or HPL layer with a wood pattern can be selected. For the impression of a more modern and pop, duco paint for wood furniture can answer it.

7. Type of activity.
Translate rhythm of your everyday life into forms of activity would you do in this room. Of course, in accordance with the dimensions of existing space. After that, you can begin to record the needs of furniture.

8. The size of the furniture.
When determining room furniture, do not rush to choose something just because you like it. Note the size. Measure your room completely and adjust the proportion of furniture that you need.

9. Circulation.
Do not forget to factor in space and space activities in the presence of the furniture in the room.

10. The position of the socket and switch.
Try to keep the electric-powered items are on the same side of socket. If not possible, try to design a clean and safe wiring range systems.

11. Decorative Items.
Provide a place on the wall or in a corner of the room for displaying precious ornaments. Complete with a spot light to "lift" its presence.

12. Beautiful Wallpaper.
Decorative ornaments do not have to be a piece of artwork or a picture in a frame. One area of wall with wallpaper decoration element can also be in your room.

13. Circulation.
A healthy room is a room that has enough openings to allow air circulation and the supply of sunlight. This should have been planned from the beginning of house construction.

14. Nontoxic Material.
Use a safe and nontoxic material. Like using a water-based wall paint. In addition to more secure, it also more environmentally friendly than solvent-based products.

15. Complete the Workshop.
Furniture upholstery material, when used a spray technique, make sure the process is completed in the workshop and is completely dry when installed in your home.

Chrysanthemum & Mother-In-Law's-Tongue (Sansevieria), Healthy Plants for Your House

Healthy Homes decoration If you love to collect plants, you must have been familiar with the chrysanthemum flower and mother-in-law's-tongue (Sansevieria). Beside pretty, it could be healthy too!

Has a healthy homes not only created by the landscaping area or the number of openings facing outward. Plants also could give contributions. Besides useful to beautify your garden, some plants even healthful. Chrysanthemum flower and mother-in-law's-tongue (Sansevieria) for example.

Based on the research at a University in Sydney, Australia, chrysanthemum flowers are able to reduce 90 percent of pollutants in the room. Similarly with the mother-in-law's-tongue plant, plants that contain lots of water is effectively absorb formaldehyde, a toxin produced by cigarette smoke.

Treatment for the plants is not really difficult. Simply water it regularly to prevent the plants from drought. But it is different with chrysanthemum flowers, this colorful flowers could not hold to much water. To be durable, put in the room and then irradiate the flower with a light bulb so that it thrives.

For your healthy homes, both of these plants are should be tried. Colorful chrysanthemum flowers can also add aesthetic value for your home spaces, while the mother-in-law's-tongue also suitable to be placed right on the edge of an aquarium.

Alta Petroglyphs: Prehistoric Rock Carvings - World Heritage Site

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Alta Petroglyph Rock Carvings - Prehistoric World Heritage SitePetroglyph Alta is located at the northern tip of Norway near the Arctic Circle. Alta rock carvings is a collection of Petroglyph (rock art) that included to the most important prehistoric site from 4200-500 BC. This is one destination that you should go on holiday to Norway.

First discovered in 1967, 5000 rock carving site was designated a World Heritage Site in 1985. According to UNESCO, Petroglyph Alta is the most important part of the evidence supporting the existence of human activities in the north of the prehistoric period.

Rock art at Alta recorded around 4200-500 BC, has four main phases of work. Carvings and paintings on stones along the fjord from the Ice Age, works of art found at the height of the rocks are the oldest, while the Petroglyph near the sea surface is the latest.

Modern history of the Alta carvings started in 1967, when first discovered and studied. The artwork is then designated as a World Heritage Site in 1985. Following several years later by the opening of Alta Museum in June 1991.

Petroglyph in Alta has more than 5,000 paintings and engravings that are found in over 45 sites. The main site, which is now a museum contains about 3000 petroglyph Alta. Although this painting has been painted over by the investigators, but otherwise completely original.

The main site of Petroglyph is part of an open museum that also includes a very good indoor exhibition, including prehistoric rock art and the general history of the area. From the Alta museum, you can follow the marked path that leads to a sloping hill toward the fjord. Along the road you will find a 13 point stops to see rock art.

Petroglyph itself described the various forms of geometric symbols and animals such as bears and deer. There are also depictions of human activities such as hunting, fishing, navigation, and ritual. While agricultural activities with pets in the fence, appearing among the latest Petroglyph (near 500 BC).

When you decide to visit, the Alta museum is open daily. Starting from October to April open 9:00 to 16:00 o'clock local time, while May and September from 9:00 to 18:00 o'clock local time. Meanwhile, in June-August starting at 8:00 to 21:00 local time.

Charges will apply when visiting these sites during October-April for adults at 45 krona (about $7), while during May-September for adults 85 krona (about $13).

Directorate General of Taxation: Government Issuing Regulation of Tax Holiday Soon

Tax Holiday for InvestmentDirectorate General of Taxation Mochamad Tjiptardjo revealed that the Ministry of Finance was preparing a tax incentive in the form of tax holiday to attract capital investment in the country.

"The incentives now being discussed are tax holiday. The team has been formed by the Finance Minister, now still in progress," said Tjiptardjo after silahturahmi and gatherings in the Ministry of Finance neighborhood in Jakarta, Tuesday (14 / 9).

Mochamad Tjiptardjo mentioned, in time if the assessment is completed, they will reporting the form of the tax holiday. "This is about the harmonization of the Law on Investment with the Law on Income Tax. What is the real form of the tax holiday, is still be reviewed. The team has been formed," he said.

When asked when the incentive tax holiday can be realized, Tjiptardjo said, ideally, can be given from January 1, 2011. Tjiptardjo said the government is already providing many tax incentives to support local business growth, but only a tax holiday that is still hanging.

"There is only one consistent with the Law on Investment, and only tax holiday is still hanging. The others are available such as tax depreciation rate, restitution is accelerated, and decreasing tariffs," he said.

He mentioned, in Indonesia's Law on Taxation, did not known form of tax holiday incentive. this kind of Incentive is regulated under the Act on Investment so harmonization of regulations is necessarily needed.

Tax holiday is generally a tax exemption for employers to pay within a certain period. Usually the tax holiday granted as a fiscal stimulus to attract investors from abroad to invest.

Mio rEi Robotic Team From ITS To Compete in the International Robotics Competition in Egypt

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mio rEi robotic team PENS ITSRector of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) Surabaya Prof. Ir Priyo Suprobo MS PhD, dispatches the Indonesia robot team "Mio rEi" from the Politeknik Elektronika Negeri Surabaya (PENS) - ITS to compete in the world robotic competition in Egypt in next 19 to 23 September.

The release of six members is marked by the use of a "Mio rEi" robot team shirts by the rector and witnessed by Research, Development and Operations Director of PT Semen Gresik Tbk, Ir Suharto MM, as the main sponsor of the team.

"The robots have been sent a month ago, while the robot team of six people will leave on 17 September, but was released today ahead of Eid holidays," said Director PENS - ITS, Dadet Pramadihanto.

In his report , he said the team of the PENS - ITS has followed 12 times of the robot contest at the national level and nine times at international level. "In the 12 times of the national robotic contest, PENS - ITS team always won, while nine times in the international contest once won a world champion in 2001 and the 'runner up' in India in 2008, " he said.

In 2004, PENS - ITS team won "Konawi Awards" and in 2005 won "Best Design". "For a robot contest in Egypt, the "Mio rEi" robot team has been doing modifications, so that the velocity increases," he said.

In his speech , Rector of ITS Prof. Priyo Suprobo targeting "Mio rEi" robot team become world champion in the next world robot contest in Egypt. "If in India has been able to be a runner up, then in Egypt we should be the world champion.

During this time, PENS - ITS has become a 'mecca' of robotics in Indonesia, because of that, PENS - ITS robot team must be the world champion, so it can also be a tradition" he said.

"Mio rEi" consists of six students, Bayu Sandi Martha, Muh Ali Anang Lubis, Rahardhita Widyatra Sudibyo, Zainul Arifin, Putus Dadar Gumilang, and Aditya Sarjono.

Attorney General: Hartono Tanoesoedibjo & Yusril Ihza Mahendra Will Be Arrested

Yusril Ihza Mahendra SisminbakumIndonesia Attorney General, Hendarman Supandji states that Hartono Tanoesoedibjo and former Minister of Justice and Human Rights Yusril Ihza Mahendra will soon be arrested. Because the evidence is sufficient. "It is estimated to be arrested because the evidence already collected,"said Hendarman in the Presidential Office, Jakarta.

Previously, Yusril Ihza Mahendra and Hartono Tanoesoedibjo was not arrested, because investigators have not reported and the evidence has also not been collected. "Yes, we will see it first, the investigators have not proposed, investigators forgot, it has not, it's difficult. Now everything is finished and it is possible, depending on the investigators report (to me)," said Hendarman.

Hendarman also state has not made any decisions related to the bid from Hartono Tanoe brother, Harry Tanoe who want to return the money of Legal Administration System(Sistem Administrasi Badan Hukum / Sisminbakum). "I have not received the report. We'll learning it. There are no decisions yet about Harry Tanoe bids, "said Hendarman Supandji.

Eight Names of Attorney General Candidates Have Been Submitted to the President

Jaksa Agung Hendarman SupandjiCurrent Attorney General Hendarman Supandji states that he has submitted eight names of replacement candidates to President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. All of the candidates come from internal prosecutor office.

" Attorney General had submitted eight names of new Attorney General candidates coming from the judiciary, " said Chief of the Legal Information Center of Attorney General Office (Kepala Pusat Penerangan Hukum Kejagung / Kapuspenkum) Babul Khoir Harahap, in Jakarta, Tuesday (14/9).

The eight candidates for Attorney General, namely:

1. Darmono ( Deputy Attorney General ),
2. M Amari ( Junior Attorney General for Special Crimes ),
3. Hamzah Tadja ( Junior Attorney General for General Crimes ),
4. Marwan Effendy ( Junior Attorney General for Supervision Affairs ),
5. Edwin P Situmorang ( Junior Attorney General for Intelligence ),
6. Iskamto ( Junior Attorney General for Internal Career Development ),
7. Kemal Sofyan Nasution ( Junior Attorney General for Civil Case and State Administrative Affairs ),
8. Jonah Zulkarnaen ( Staff for Attorney General Hendarman Supandji who is also former head of East Java High Court ).

Legal Information Center of Attorney General Office declared that the eight candidates are professionals and have integrity. "All the candidates for Attorney General from the internal judiciary, already meets their current requirements as well as an echelon I," he said.

Babul Khoir Harahap believes that the president SBY will choose the best candidate for the Attorney General. "The president through his staff , will select the candidate for the Attorney General," he said. He added that the AGO expects that the new Attorney General will come from internal sources. "The reason is because internal sources already know the problems inside the AGO, and different from candidates from outside of the AGO, of course they should be learning at least for one year," he said.

President SBY To Make a Speech Addressing the Indonesia-Malaysia Tensions

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Presiden SBY dan PM Najib Abdul RazakPresident Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is scheduled to make a statement through the state address to express his attitude toward warming relations between Indonesia-Malaysia at the Headquarters of the Armed Forces of Indonesia, Wednesday night.

After carrying out the fast together with Commander of the Armed Forces, three of the chief of staff and all levels of military force, the President will give a speech related to his attitude toward the developments that occurred between Indonesia and Malaysia, recently.

Since August 13, 2010, relations between Indonesia and Malaysia re-warmed after three officers of Ministry Of Marine Affairs And Fisheries arrested by Malaysian royal police (Polis Diraja Malaysia) in Tanjung Berakit, Riau Islands, Indonesia.

Malaysian royal police action was immediately greeted by loud protests by some communities in Indonesia with demonstrations. Malaysia Prime Minister has even issued a warning to its citizens not to travel to Indonesia, given the anti-Malaysian demonstrations that are considered excessive.

Responding, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has written to Prime Minister Najib to resolve the issue between the two countries as well. In addition, the president also appealed to Prime Minister Najib to accelerate the two countries border issues discussion.


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