Eight Names of Attorney General Candidates Have Been Submitted to the President

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jaksa Agung Hendarman SupandjiCurrent Attorney General Hendarman Supandji states that he has submitted eight names of replacement candidates to President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. All of the candidates come from internal prosecutor office.

" Attorney General had submitted eight names of new Attorney General candidates coming from the judiciary, " said Chief of the Legal Information Center of Attorney General Office (Kepala Pusat Penerangan Hukum Kejagung / Kapuspenkum) Babul Khoir Harahap, in Jakarta, Tuesday (14/9).

The eight candidates for Attorney General, namely:

1. Darmono ( Deputy Attorney General ),
2. M Amari ( Junior Attorney General for Special Crimes ),
3. Hamzah Tadja ( Junior Attorney General for General Crimes ),
4. Marwan Effendy ( Junior Attorney General for Supervision Affairs ),
5. Edwin P Situmorang ( Junior Attorney General for Intelligence ),
6. Iskamto ( Junior Attorney General for Internal Career Development ),
7. Kemal Sofyan Nasution ( Junior Attorney General for Civil Case and State Administrative Affairs ),
8. Jonah Zulkarnaen ( Staff for Attorney General Hendarman Supandji who is also former head of East Java High Court ).

Legal Information Center of Attorney General Office declared that the eight candidates are professionals and have integrity. "All the candidates for Attorney General from the internal judiciary, already meets their current requirements as well as an echelon I," he said.

Babul Khoir Harahap believes that the president SBY will choose the best candidate for the Attorney General. "The president through his staff , will select the candidate for the Attorney General," he said. He added that the AGO expects that the new Attorney General will come from internal sources. "The reason is because internal sources already know the problems inside the AGO, and different from candidates from outside of the AGO, of course they should be learning at least for one year," he said.
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