RIM Has Announced to Launch BlackBerry Playbook Tablet PC

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

BlackBerry Playbook Tablet PCManufacturer of BlackBerry, Research In Motion (RIM), Canada, finally announced a new device in the form of tablet computer, on Monday (9/27/2010) in the RIM Developer Conference in San Francisco. If previously rumored that the tablet will be named BlackPad, this new tablet evidently named the BlackBerry Playbook.

BlackBerry Playbook has 7 inches screen, smaller than Apple iPad. With an operating system made by QNX Software Systems that was acquired by RIM in the early years. Unlike iPad that has no camera, Playbook has two cameras in front and behind. This device will be released in April 2011. However, RIM has not revealed the price, stating only be sold with a price range that competes with the iPad.

There was no cellular connection on the device, but there is WiFi to access the Internet. Although not able to call, this tablet can be connected wirelessly via BlackBerry devices and via a WiFi connection as a second screen that is wider so that the users can see its activity when make a phone call. WiFi can also be used to access mobile services via BlackBerry.

RIM co-CEO Jim Balsillie stated the device was designed as a standalone product to provide web access experience perfectly. RIM does not apply the approach of applications to access various web-based services including Flash with this Playbook device. "It means that the device will not depend on third-party applications or app," said Balsillie.

Playbook is designed as a consumer device that will be sold in retail. RIM would have positioned the product as a tool for the enterprise to business needs.
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