U.S Asks Japanese company Inpex Corp. to Withdraw from Iran Oil Project

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Iran Oil and Nuclear
U.S. officially has asked the Japanese government to withdraw from the oil project in Azadegan, Iran. The Japanese company Inpex Corp. has been involved in oil projects in Iran, so that the U.S. needs to issue the official request. This is related to the sanctions from Washington against the Islamic Republic who refuses to stop nuclear enrichment program.

Iran government insists, their nuclear enrichment program is for peaceful purposes. But the U.S. and his colleagues - Western countries - pointed the program to make weapons of mass destruction.

U.S. pressure against the Japanese government disclosed by Japanese media, the Yomiuri newspaper. Moreover, the Japanese government holds a majority stake in Inpex Corp., of 30 percent.

Inpex Corp. known as one of the biggest exploraion company for natural gas and oil in Indonesia and Australia, along with other oil-rich areas such as the Caspian Sea, Middle East, and South America. The company, which is focusing its efforts on the cleaner burning liquified natural gas (LNG), exports its products from Indonesia to Japan, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Inpex Corp. has partnered with companies such as BP and Chevron to explore for and produce crude oil from fields in Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Iran, and through the acquisition of Japan Oil Development has working interests in offshore oil fields in the United Arab Emirates.
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