Struggling for the people, a hope that never comes to reality

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Democrat struggling for the people
Democrat Party with its political jargon that is clean, polite and intelligent has already alluring and at the same time deceiving the majority of Indonesia. People want immediate action against the party cadres accused of corruption by Nazaruddin, their own former General Treasurer. But once again the party has actually took defensive position and tend to blame others.

Anti criticism without going to introspect their mistakes were reflected in the coordination meeting held by the Democratic Party recently. No plausible explanation regarding the bribery case in the construction of the athletes' village involving Nazaruddin, who is now a fugitive. Democratic bigwigs just saw this case as an "indigo speck". They also agreed to declare that Nazaruddin statements repeatedly mentions involvement of his colleagues as a lie.

Coordination meeting participants agreed to submit Nazaruddin allegations to law enforcement. Democrats also pledged to disable its cadres if they are stated as a suspect in a case.

People actually could accept such of the recommendation if no problems occured in law enforcement processes. The problem now, many people do not believe the law in this country actually implemented correctly if it is touching the interests of the ruler.

Public really wants a solution to the party's dependence on illicit funds from the state budget. Ideally, each party and its cadres must be able to finance their political activities independently. Even if relying on donations from companies or donors, it must be presented openly to the community.

All of it is not impossible to be done if the political party truly committed to realizing a clean politics. The party could also keep an eye on their cadres through a strict code of ethics to prevent conflict of interests in their daily behavior. For example, can members of the party's central executive board or members of the House of Representatives to take advantage of government projects that they supervise?

Political signs have not even adequately formulated in our country. On behalf of political interests, politicians appears to be part of society that can do just about anything. They may meet the contractor of government projects, may even have companies that participate in government tenders. We can not imagine how difficult the project holders officials to face the lobby of politicians or members of the House, the party charged with overseeing the day-to-day performance of the state power holders.

Indonesian people who had great hopes in the Democratic Party as the ruling party, once again have to swallow the bitter truth, that politics in this country remains to be bathed in money and narrow interests of elites.
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