U.S. denies involvement in killing of Iran nuclear scientist

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Iran NuclearDepartment of Foreign Affairs of the United States on Monday (25 / 7), denied that his country was involved in the murder of Iranian nuclear scientists. U.S. urged Tehran not to take advantage of the event "to attract attention".

"We are not involved," said a spokesperson of the U.S. State Department Victoria Nuland to reporters in Washington. "We hope that Tehran has no plans to exploit this incident to draw attention away from what needs to be done, ie return to meet international obligations," Nuland said.

Iranian media Previously reported that Dariush Rezaei, Iranian nuclear scientist, has been shot dead outside his home in eastern Tehran, Saturday (23 / 7). Ali Larijani, chairman of the Assembly of Iran, calling the killings as the US-Zionist terrorist acts. There were a series of assassinations against Iranian nuclear scientists in recent years.
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