Singapore Media Make Some Correction According To The News Related On David's Suicide

Friday, March 06, 2009

SINGAPORE, FRIDAY 6/3/2009, The Singapore media make some correction about the news related to David Hartanto Widjaja death. This student is no longer stated as made a suicidal jump, but fell from 4th floor of the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) building. This correction was explained by Foreign ministry spoker person Teuku Faizasyah in the Foreign Ministry office, Jl Pejambon, Jakarta Pusat.
Faiz also said that, the case of David are entering the stage of investigation. So we can not ascertain what actually happened. However the Indonesian government does not interfere with legal process in Singapore. 'We respect on the legal process that happen in Singapore. And we will monitor the investigation process, 'Faiz specified.

Previously the Authority of NTU, as published in The Straits Times, Monday (2/3) ago, said David jumped off from the faculty building. Also said that David has been slitting his own wrist right before he jump and died.

David's family questioning about some awkwardness in the death of David, David's family mentioned that no wound found on that student's wrist. The wound even found on David's neck. They urged the Embassies of Indonesia to investigate the case.

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