U.N. Will Investigate Possible War Crimes In Israel Military Attacks

Sunday, May 10, 2009

U.N. Investigation on Israel Military Attack, War Crimes
Investigation conducted by the United Nations over the military attack of Israel during the conflict in Gaza four months ago, have produced strong criticism to Israel. That state answerable over nine shooting incidents in the building owned by the United Nations, which caused some of the catastrophe and destruction of assets belonging to the U.N.

Some of the findings in the report, among other: Israel responsible in six cases which caused the death of staff members and civilians; there are no military activities of the UN building; in certain levels, Israel has conducted military failure; Israeli military does not provide adequate early warning when the attack occurred. In addition, the report also recommends to continue the investigation of the possibility of war crimes and all the criminal allegations made in Gaza and southern Israel.

Nevertheless, Israel Defense Minister, Ehud Barak, reject the reports and said that the reports was not clear. Ehud Barak even accused Hamas hiding their combatant between civilians and installations belonging to the U.N. "Our armed forces have the most moral in the world," he specified.
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