Music Listening And The Effect For Our Heart Health

Monday, March 23, 2009

Music Notes, Music Listening For Our Healthy HeartMusic apparently can affect someone's emotions, including blood flow and tap of the heart. In fact, a study proves that music can help someone to have a healthy heart.

Research conducted at the American Heart Association New Orleans. As many as 10 women and men are healthy and not a smoker become research object. They all are asked to bring a CD containing their favorite music. At first they listen to music that they do not like. In those research, the hard rock music was selected. When listening to that kind of music, they all experienced a high level of fear and anxiety.

Even they feel that tap of their heart is not regular and not normal. However, when they told to listen on their favorite music, the fear and anxious feelings fade away, tap of the heart and blood flow back to normal.

Dr. Michael Miller, the researchers acknowledge that the music has a stunning effect.

So, lets the music play on!
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