Franchise Business In Indonesia Grows Significantly

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Franchise Business IndonesiaThe development of franchise business in Indonesia predicted to increase significantly. Until now, the number of this franchise businesses has reached 1010 businesses with the contribution value around Rp. 81 trillion per year.

Director of Bina Usaha and Company Registration (Pendaftaran Perusahaan), Department of Trade Dede Hidayat in Semarang, Friday (22 / 5), reveal, contribution of those tens of trillions are from foreign franchise companies of Rp. 38, 8 trillion and the local franchises of Rp. 45, 5 trillion.

The number of franchise business in the current time, he said, reaching 1,010 units of franchise businesses, consisted of 260 foreign franchises and 750 local franchises in the country. "We predict, franchise business has increased about two percent to three percent per year," he said.

The Indonesian Government also provides encouragement that a national franchise business can grow and develop, because evidently contribute to the economy, especially with the employment, business opportunities, and accelerate the process of technology transfer.
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