Verizon Business Annual Report: There Are Significant Increase In Cyber Crime

Sunday, May 10, 2009

An annual report issued by the Verizon Business, a technology and communication services company based in United States, mentioned that the number of internet crimes by hackers, carders and crackers has increased and the amount is reaching 285 million cases.

That number is dominated by the action happens in the banks and other financial services. And from the many bank customer data theft done by the crackers, 81% targeted to the data from card payments, particularly debit cards.

They exert power and their mind to be able to enter and accessing data such as PIN numbers. In this case, piercing debit card data is considered more arouse than a credit card. Debit cards are considered as the most arouse prey for them.

With the details contained in the debit card: card number, information inside the magnetic lines, and PIN, they can attract the money directly. Unlike the credit card that require them to first make a purchase and then transfer it in cash.

With a report issued by the Verizon Business, some parties are expected to be more vigilant, particularly for financial companies and the owner of the payment card. The Verizon is also suggesting the IT administrator to maintain personal data of users with super careful.
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