David Hartanto Widjaja’s Laptop Contains Document About Suicide Problems

Saturday, June 20, 2009

David Hartanto Widjaja’s Laptop Contains Document About Suicide ProblemsSingapore police to find the latest facts on a document entitled 'Last Words' on laptop computer belong to David Hartanto Widjaja (21), Indonesian students who died in the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) on 2 March 2009.

Channel News Asia, on Friday night 19 / 6 / 2009, proclaim the testimony of Sergeant Joe Ng Suan Teck in the process of coronary trial that the text-formatted document inside that laptop is contain personal informations and problems from the family of David Hartanto.

Joe Ng Suan Teck is an officer on the Criminal Investigations Section who check the laptop, thumb-drives and mobile phone belonging to David Hartanto a few time after the death of this student happened.

In the document, Joe Ng Suan Teck said, there was a fragment of text as a search results from the Internet about the murder and suicide.

While 938Live proclaimed, documents found on the David Hartanto's laptop begins with the words, "If this e-mail sent, mean that I'm no longer in this world."

Joe Ng Suan Teck said in court that these documents was made on 25 January 2009.

Even these text documents was found inside the memory drive of David Hartanto Widjaja’s laptop computer, Senior Staff Sergeant Joe Ng Suan Teck was unable to confirm the writer’s identity. That is because anyone who had access to the computer could have created it.

Judge Victor Yeo from coronary Court in Singapore will still be making some checks to the witnesses when the trial continued on June 25. Series of trials is a process for determining the death of David whether caused by suicide, accident or other causes that must be explored.

David, who had been the champion on the International Mathematics Festival, on 2 March 2009 found dead on grass inside the area of Electrical Engineering and Electronics faculty of NTU.

According to some witnesses, this end-level student, ran out from the room of Professor Chan Kap Luk, the supervisor lecturer of his final task with a full-blooded condition. Chan who was also gory and rushing out from the room went to the left side, while David ran to the right.

David then down the emergency exit to the fourth floor and he was climbing on the alley wall divider then jumped down to the protective glass roof bridges among faculties.

Some witnesses at last month's trial stated to see David when he was on the roof of the bridge rubbed off his body with hands to sank.

Hartono Widjaja (David's father) and Tjia Lie Khiun (his mother), who was follows directly the examination process of 21 witnesses, states did not believe their son killed himself.
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