News Corp.'s MySpace International To Dismisses Employees

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

News Corp.'s MySpace International To Dismisses EmployeesMySpace, the largest social network site owned by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. on tuesday said they plan to do the reduction of their international employees. The plan of MySpace to dismiss about two-thirds of the number of international personnels and staffs and will closes at least four of their offices outside the United States.

MySpace Corp. spokesman said in a statement that the restructuring plan that will be made will reduces the number of international staff of MySpace which previously amounted of 450 people to only around 150 people.

The reduced plan to the number of employees come from the top of MySpace. When announced last week, MySpace says that they will reduce about 30 percent the number of staff that they have in the United States so that become only 1,000 people.

MySpace party revealed that the number of staff they have at this time as too many and bloated, so that rather than improving the performance of the company, infact it just be a burden and even decreased the efficiency and effectivity of MySpace Corp. itself.

About half of the total MySpace users on the Internet actually come from outside the United States. But recently MySpace got its new competitor which is very heavy. Some felt that the main competitor of MySpace is, a new and fresh social networking site, but attendance is fenomenal. Facebook site is owned by a young man who also came from the United States, Mark Zuckerberg. According to market researchers comScoreini, at this time Facebook users around the world have more than doubled compared with the user of

In April, News Corp., MySpace's company has appointed Owen Van Natta, former chief operating officer of Facebook to replace the position of MySpace co-founder, Chris DeWolfe.

MySpace Chief Executive Owen Van Natta said in a statement, "As we review and based on our knowledge, has been very clear that internationally, as well as in the United States, the number of MySpace's staffs has become too large and complex to be able to compete and build a competitive business in the existing market conditions."

According to the proposed plan, MySpace may be places the active workers in the offices of their representatives in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, France, India, Italy, Mexico, Russia, Sweden and Spain. At this time are also examined various possibilities for the restructuring of MySpace's offices in these countries.

After all the planning is complete, London, Berlin and Sydney will be uses by MySpace as a development base of MySpace International operations.

MySpace China, which is owned, operated and managed by local company, and the MySpace joint venture company in Japan will not be affected by the proposed plan, the representative of the company said.

MySpace, which currently has 15 international offices, refused to comment more specifically about the number and levels of staff who have offices in each of those particular areas.
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