Chrysanthemum & Mother-In-Law's-Tongue (Sansevieria), Healthy Plants for Your House

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Healthy Homes decoration If you love to collect plants, you must have been familiar with the chrysanthemum flower and mother-in-law's-tongue (Sansevieria). Beside pretty, it could be healthy too!

Has a healthy homes not only created by the landscaping area or the number of openings facing outward. Plants also could give contributions. Besides useful to beautify your garden, some plants even healthful. Chrysanthemum flower and mother-in-law's-tongue (Sansevieria) for example.

Based on the research at a University in Sydney, Australia, chrysanthemum flowers are able to reduce 90 percent of pollutants in the room. Similarly with the mother-in-law's-tongue plant, plants that contain lots of water is effectively absorb formaldehyde, a toxin produced by cigarette smoke.

Treatment for the plants is not really difficult. Simply water it regularly to prevent the plants from drought. But it is different with chrysanthemum flowers, this colorful flowers could not hold to much water. To be durable, put in the room and then irradiate the flower with a light bulb so that it thrives.

For your healthy homes, both of these plants are should be tried. Colorful chrysanthemum flowers can also add aesthetic value for your home spaces, while the mother-in-law's-tongue also suitable to be placed right on the edge of an aquarium.
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