Comfortable House: Bedroom Design and Decorating Tips

Thursday, September 16, 2010

There are 15 points that must be considered before designing a bedroom. Applying to the 15th of the following, means getting a bedroom in accordance with the needs, tastes and your budget.

When we build or renovate a house, one room which usually be the main focus in planning is the bedroom. The reason is easily traced. The bedroom is a private space where we rest and often also for work and leisure. Some people even like to spend most of his time in the room.

As a private area, bedroom design and needs become personal. Besides the standard functions of the bedroom, personal taste will also be important here. However, any personal design require consideration and limitation as guidance in designing a good and comfortable bedroom.

If possible, begin the process of designing from a scratch. This will allow you to add or change the design sometime in the future, because the needs and themes has defined from the beginning.

To design a comfortable bedroom and in accordance with your personality, you'll want to note 15 of the following.

1. The style / design style.
The basis in developing ideas in decorating, among others is from the style. Is that the neoclassical style, modern minimalist, pop-retro or eclectic. Determine the style you choose from the beginning.

2. The color theme.
Favorite color is usually an option, especially in single or teenager's rooms. The selected color does not have to be only one. To enrich the texture, color, monochromatic color or a contrasting color accent could be an alternative.

3. Lighting.
Good natural lighting (sunlight), artificial or special lighting may be calculated from the beginning. This lighting effect will give a "soul" to the interior.

4. Floor.
After determining the concept and atmosphere, planning move to the finishing material. Start with determining the type of flooring. For warm atmosphere, a bedroom usually wear wood floors (parquet). However, ceramic or granite tile also provides a wide variety of choices for style and color.

5. Walls.
For a luxurious feel, you can use wallpapers with a various choice of colors, patterns and textures. The color theme you have set will affect this step.

6. Finishing furniture.
This type of finishing options are also related to the theme and atmosphere you want. If you like the look of wood fiber, melamine spray techniques or HPL layer with a wood pattern can be selected. For the impression of a more modern and pop, duco paint for wood furniture can answer it.

7. Type of activity.
Translate rhythm of your everyday life into forms of activity would you do in this room. Of course, in accordance with the dimensions of existing space. After that, you can begin to record the needs of furniture.

8. The size of the furniture.
When determining room furniture, do not rush to choose something just because you like it. Note the size. Measure your room completely and adjust the proportion of furniture that you need.

9. Circulation.
Do not forget to factor in space and space activities in the presence of the furniture in the room.

10. The position of the socket and switch.
Try to keep the electric-powered items are on the same side of socket. If not possible, try to design a clean and safe wiring range systems.

11. Decorative Items.
Provide a place on the wall or in a corner of the room for displaying precious ornaments. Complete with a spot light to "lift" its presence.

12. Beautiful Wallpaper.
Decorative ornaments do not have to be a piece of artwork or a picture in a frame. One area of wall with wallpaper decoration element can also be in your room.

13. Circulation.
A healthy room is a room that has enough openings to allow air circulation and the supply of sunlight. This should have been planned from the beginning of house construction.

14. Nontoxic Material.
Use a safe and nontoxic material. Like using a water-based wall paint. In addition to more secure, it also more environmentally friendly than solvent-based products.

15. Complete the Workshop.
Furniture upholstery material, when used a spray technique, make sure the process is completed in the workshop and is completely dry when installed in your home.
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