The Mystery of Da Vinci's Monalisa

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

If we pay a visit to the city of Paris, France (a certain time we are there), do not forget to pay a visit to one of the largest museums in the world, yes ... right, True, Louvre museum.
What is the Louvre museum? not abot the Museum that we will discuss at this time, but one of the most valuable collections of the museum is. What is that?

The mystery behind the smile of Monalisa

Did you ever see the painting Monalisa? What you feel when you watch the painting? whether the painting is, in effect giving us the depth of the psychiatric condition.
Monalisa painting is the result of the work of an artist and scientist who has the intellect and extraordinary intelektualitas, Leonardo Da Vinci. This painting is one of the results of his work is most like him, but for the awards and salutes to the French King, he then gives the paintings as gifts for the King.
Modern scientists, have tried to analyze and research the depth of the painting Monalisa. They hope will be able to express emotions that are felt by girls (or widow), which became the object of this painting.
Scientists use the software a user can measure the emotional mood and feelings of a person, with the particular characteristics that are visible from the physical and visual person. One is observed as the painting of Monalisa.
This software is developed in Nicu sebe, the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, together with renowned scientists from the University of Illinois, the United States.
From the observation of the curvature lips, and wrinkling around the eyes, the experts concluded then estimates of the input and emotions and psychiatric conditions of figures in painting Monalisa.

The result is:
83% Happy.
9% nausea.
6% Scared .
2% angry.
However, the values obtained from the study, only results from the input line of tools and software that is capable of capturing an impression of physical and visual display only. About what is indeed perceived by leaders in the Monalisa painting, and let only the Lord, Leonardo Da Vinci, and the figures themselves that Monalisa know. We can ask yourself to that, and then later in the day.
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