Google Adwords Keyword Tool: The Very Accurate and Complete Tools

Friday, March 06, 2009

Google Adwords Keyword Tool: The Very Accurate and Complete Tools
We had previously discussed about two keyword research tools used to maximize the SEO, Now we will try to reveal more about the use of keyword research tool that is owned by google. It name is Google Adwords Keyword Tool. As a service to its customers, Google provide facilities to their adwords users to make some estimation, and then make a targeting to the appropriate keywords to use.

Basically the tool is used to help the advertiser on google adwords to determine the number of searches in a theme / niche. But for non adwords users then of course it still can be usefull. In addition, this ajax-based tool is very easy to use to select the keyword, and you will be able to export it results directly to an excel file.

As a publishers of Google Adsense we can utilize this tool as a reference to search keywords. If you have not joined the Google Adsense you should join it first here. The advantages of this tool of course the data is very accurate, because it sources comes directly from Google, this can complement the weakness of other keyword research tools.

To be able to use this tool, you must first register as an advertiser. Then do the registration in accordance with the instructions, select the standard package for more complete tools. But if we do not want to be the advertiser then we do not need to activate the confirmation of payment.

After the registration process is complete, log in to your account, click the tools tab, you can choose the tools that will be used, if you wan to see about the estimation of traffics then click the link of Traffic Estimator, enter the keywords you want to search, choose the currency, select appropriate countries and Territories that you want, click continue, and the data will be shown as you want.

Very accurate and complete, it show results that consists of several columns, which is the search volume (in the form of graphic bar), estimated Cost Per Click (CPC)rate on average, Estimated ad position, Estimated Clicks Per Day, and Estimated Cost Per Day. Enough data for your keywords research.

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