Israel Still Attack Gaza With Some Air Strikes

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Gaza War
Israel have not stopped yet attacking Gaza. Saturday 7 march 2009 local time, This Zionist Country still conducted air attacks to Gaza. Israel said those attacks made as a responses to Hamas's rocket attack one day before.
An Israeli military official claimed that their air forces successfully destroyed two tunnels in the southern of Gaza border and one place that used for weapons storage in Gaza City.
'In every attack, each strike always identified,' that official said, while said that the air attacks is a responses to six rocket launched to Israel since Saturday morning.

According to Israeli military, more than hundred rockets, mortar, and misiles has been launched to Israel by Palestinian militants in Gaza, since the cease-fire announcement on January 18.
As known, Israel attacks some time ago have been killed thousands of Palestinian civilian lives.

International Amnesty asserts, Israeli troops conduct war crimes with the 'demolition without reason' of the houses of Palestinian in 22 days aggression in Gaza. Amnesty also stated that Israel used the method which can be categorized as a war crimes.
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Palestine needs to control Hamas before there can be peace.

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