Responses of David Hartanto Widjaja's Family

Friday, March 06, 2009

Some Awkwardness in the case of David's death has make the family become more suspicious. They believe that Singapore attempted to hide the causes of David's death. That's why the family will continue to urge until the truth comes up. 'We will continue to chase it up to any where,' Said Hartanto Widjaja, David's Father.
Family and friends of David Widjaja said, doesn't believe at all with the news that is circulating lately. Mostly about David's suicide. Moreover, in many local newspapers and media said, David desperately stabbed on his own professor just because he loss his scholarship.

The Opinion said that David has experienced a stress due to his loss of scholarships got protested by David's family. They considered that opinion made just to justify the assumption about David suicide.

"From the beginning we don't believe all the news that circulating in there (Singapore). 'We hope that Indonesian government would care about the fate of their foreign citizens, ' Widjaja hoped.

The lack of witnesses, No CCTV camera, has make some fact are very difficult to be opened. In political cases, this can affect on the desire of Indonesian society to get education in Singapore. From the aspect of cost, procedures of scholarships, the process of coaching and counseling beetwen lecturers and students, student guidance facilities, until some problematics that lead up to the racial issues.

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Anonymous 25 March, 2009

If you have an empathy to David's family, we made an online petition to appeal the Singapore's PM to investigate fairly the death of David Hartanto in the name of justice. Please open the link below and put your name. Thank you

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