Malioboro Interconection Networking: New Business And Tourism Services In Yogyakarta

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Malioboro Tourism Yogyakarta Interconnection Network
Malioboro, which is known as 'the tourism center' in Yogyakarta, at this time need to be equipped with a free internet connection through the hotspot facilities and without limit.

Tourism Head Office of Special Region of Yogyakarta said that "This area of tourism and shopping centers indeed has to be equipped with supporting facilities such as free internet access devices to provide services to tourists who visit the city".

Until now in Malioboro area there are only one 'hotspot' point with free access, wich is in Pasar Kembang street. The other point are in the office of DPRD DIY and Garuda Hotel, but its use is limited only for those institutions.

Through the concept of Malioboro Interconection Networking (MIN), tourists who are expected to be internet users will be more freely accessing the Internet in Malioboro area. Hence, through this MIN concept can be created a new business and tourism services in this city.

MIN is a concept based on internet communication infrastructure using wifi(wireless fidelity), where by using this infrastructure, the connectivity of devices based on IP (internet protocol) and the notebook will be more easy and convenient.

If the presence of MIN can be realized, will not only increasing the attractiveness of the Malioboro area as a shopping and tourism area, but also become the information technology area. So, many foreign and domestic tourist can enjoy the Malioboro atmosphere and at the same time can communicate with friends, business partners and family via the internet.

And finally, the investors also will be more interested to invest in this Shopping Paradise area.
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