Jakarta Stop Aids Program Launched To Prevent HIV / AIDS Spreading Among Youth

Friday, June 19, 2009

Jakarta Stop HIV / AIDS Spreads PreventionHIV / AIDS spreading among youth and school-aged children increases worrisome to many people who have a big concerns to this problem. Newest statistical information indicates, the age average of people with HIV / AIDS, between 19-25 years. Now, to prevent the spreads of HIV / AIDS that become more worriying, has launched Jakarta Stop AIDS program, initiated by Yayasan Unilever Indonesia (the Unilever Foundation Indonesia), in cooperation with Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa and Central Jakarta's Local Government.

Jakarta Stop AIDS is a primary prevention program to the spread of HIV / AIDS among school-age children and teenagers. Public Health Education Program Manager of Yayasan Unilever Indonesia, dr Leo Indarwahono, says that this program will be done through community empowerment, especially teachers and students from Junior and Senior High Schools.

This activity is also at the same time points the program ambassadors selected from 38 junior and senior high schools in Jakarta, from the area of Gambir and Cempaka Putih, Central Jakarta. "HIV / AIDS threatens the most vulnerable young people and students, so that we thought this counseling to prevention programs will be done easily by school-aged children themselves," Leo said.

Jakarta Stop HIV / AIDS launching Yayasan Unilever Indonesia Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa and Local Government of Central JakartaAs Ambassadors, Jakarta Stop AIDS has selected 5 students from 2nd grade junior and senior high schools and taken from their schools who was joined the program. The students are given the training modules and public speaking about the important of action and behavior of clean living, healthy living, and prevent the spread of HIV / AIDS and drugs and narcotics.

"To maintain continuity, later each ambassador will choose four other students, whether their brother / sister and friends or their own classmates in the school, to continue this HIV / AIDS campaign in their school," Leo said.

Jakarta Stop AIDS is a continuation of a similar program held by Unilever in Surabaya, East Java, which is titled Surabaya Stop AIDS since 2008 and still running until now.
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