BlackPad from Blackberry,The Newest Tablet PC will be Launched Soon

Saturday, September 25, 2010

BlackPad from RIM BlackBerry
Apparently Apple continue to be terrorized by its competitors. After Galaxy Tab Samsung launched some time ago, Apple iPad will have a new 'guest' from neighboring countries, namely BlackPad, tablet computers made by Research In Motion (RIM).

After Samsung Galaxy Tab appears with OS Android, Research In Motion, the BlackBerry device manufacturer and service from Canada, ready to launch BlackPad that comes with QNX operating system on the annual event of BlackBerry Developer Conference in San Francisco.

For information, software made by QNX has been used in various types of applications, from BMW vehicle navigation, to the software for U.S. military's six-wheel unmanned vehicles, which is created by Carnegie Mellon University in 2006, the tanks Crusher.

Reportedly, RIM also took Quanta Computer Inc. of Taiwan to create and design BlackPad. As for the chip, manufacturer have just launched the BlackBerry Torch in Indonesia has appointed Marvell Technology Group, Inc. as a partner.

Referring to the previous news, BlackPad will come with 9.7-inch touch screen, similar to the iPad. The price is pegged relatively cheaper, but still in the same range with the Apple's start from U.S. $ 499.

There are Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth in it. Users also can connect to the internet via their BlackBerry, unlike Apple which prohibit IPAD users accessing the 3G data service via iPhone.
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