The Prophecies of Nostradamus vs Sabdapalon, Jayabaya and The History of Prediction

Thursday, February 05, 2009

If we try find in history, occurrence of the early science prediction is difficult to ascertain. This is caused by a lack of information and ensure that valid on the early occurrence of the first science predict itself.
One important note in the history of the forecast of the world, is the presence of a Jew who lived in the year 1500. He is Michel de Nostradame, or better known as NOSTRADAMUS.

In the year 1554, NOSTRADAMUS write about the future of the world, the book that so phenomenal, and it is controversial, the Les Propheties The Prophecies. In the book, NOSTRADAMUS foresee any issues relating to the fate of the world in the future. He will predict the occurrence of French Revolution, the attack of atom bombs in Japan, the cruelty done by a leader of Germany, Adolf Hitler is named, to a suicide bomb attack on the World Trade Center towers (WTC), the United States, in 2001 ago.
Until now, the predictions he made, by the fact been correct. Although the prediction of prognosis, never spoken explicitly, but some scientist believe the forecast, that NOSTRADAMUS speech contains the truth.

In Indonesia, we know that the forecast figure of life between the years 1135 to 1157. He is Sri Mapanji Jayabaya. King of Kediri considered by some followers as a reincarnation god Vishnu, the already predict the occurrence of war will be between Indonesia and Japan. Then he also predict the appearance of a prominent leader who will take on Indonesian independence, the first President of the Republic of Indonesia, Soekarno.

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