Walk with Pride

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Walk with PrideIn life, there are some feeling that we called pride, for example; have pride in the good work, proud to have a good vehicle, have proud of our own home, both luxurious or simple, and many more pride which if we presented here will take a lot number of pages, not to mention the time that must be spared on. What is the background of our pride, and how to manage our pride in addition to improve our quality of life. But be careful with our pride, do not lead the pride on the natural desire to be recommended and praised, arrogance and lofty, even subservience of others. Lofty and Arrogance sin in Islam is a sin that does not have forgiveness, remember the story of Satan when expelled from Paradise, and will occupy the Fire forever, because it sin of arrogance, lofty, hubris.

Showing pride is showing a passion for our self and for life itself. Passion is the essence of life. We live fully by the virtue of pride. Pride is a personal awareness and the acceptance of our personal power of mind and body. It is the propelling force that moves up the rungs of the ladder of life. It is what compels us to continue the fight when we may be tempted to bow down to someone else's demands.

Do we have something we've proud of? We are proud because we have achieved something good. This makes pride a good thing. Being proud of something is to have achieved good and to let others know about it. This is an admirable trait. When we have achieved good, we should be proud to let others know it and toot our horn occasionally.

Be mighty, be proud, continue being mighty proud because it is the proud who prime themselves for mastery of all things while the meek inherit slavery. Pride frees us. Having an attitude of being bigger than the obstacles in front of us will keep us from faltering. It is pride that pushes us through the barriers of life. It is faith in our abilities to achieve things we haven't before achieved, even when others tell us it is impossible. Those who have pride do not accept the controlling limitations that others set upon them; they set the rules for those who do not have pride in themselves.

Lions, the king of the beasts, live in prides. Their mighty roars tell the world how proud they are of their position at the top. Natural selection has smiled favor on lions as conquerors. It is the conquerors who shape evolution. These are the catalysts of the divine plans set by the supreme gods and goddesses. From conqueror to god nature rewards those who are bold and proud. We are a manifestation of the pride of our ancestors. We are their legacy, what they have left the world to remember them by and we should be proud of all they accomplished in life. Our ancestors are called great and grand for a reason.

The natural outcome of honor is pride. We are honored by other people and even ourselves for accomplishments we have made and qualities we have. We can give others pride in themselves and their accomplishments by honoring them. We give ourselves pride by honoring our own accomplishments. Having pride means we have a purpose, a meaning and an overall integrity. We have earned the right to be proud. We should be proud just to be alive; it is the strong who survive. Take pride in what we are; we are a human being which in itself means we are marvelous creature. We have earned the right to be proud. It is the strong who survive. Be proud of all of your accomplishments, even life itself is an accomplishment. Be proud of being who we are and of being the marvelous creature known as human. We all are a unique being. Be proud of who we are and of who we will become, it is our pride that is going to shape us into the being we become and the success we are in life.

Being proud is being great and being great is being proud. Pride is what gives us the standard of excellence we live up to and it is how we leave a lasting impression on the world. We can build our reputation by having it in ourself and all that we do. Being strong willed, having determination, having an ego and pride all go hand in hand together. These are the factors that make us the man or woman that we are, the person who demands and is in demand. It is the flame in the fire of motivation. It is the devotion we have to liberated and ethical living. It is the strength and dominance that drives those who dare to unapologetically seize and flaunt their potential whether it be for the good of others or themselves. Having pride means believing in ourself.

There is a reason we exist. It is what makes us feel good and feel good about our accomplishments. It makes us feel good. Having a healthy self-esteem and self respect makes us feel good. We are a valuable, worthy person who deserves to have pride. It is pride that gives us personal power and satisfaction in ourself. Having pride is always best since having it means being pleased with ourself and our accomplishments. Having pride in ourself is a good thing since no matter where we are, we have to be there with ourself. It is like the old saying, "we can run but we can't hide".

Having pride means we won't want to run from who we are, we will always be happy with ourself and what we have done in life. Things that make people happy and create pleasurable feelings are the things they do not run from. It is the magnetic force behind the self-assurance that draws in good things. The good things in our life that we can be proud of because they are from our good works are what make us the great-awesome-fantastically-stupendous person we are.
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