Owen Thor Walker, New Zealand Hacker Recruited By TelstraClear

Friday, March 27, 2009

Internet Hacker Owen Thor Walker
Owen Thor Walker, hacker from New Zealand, now works as a cyber security consultant to the TelstraClear company, the second-largest telecommunications company in the country. TelstraClear is a subsidiary of Australia's largest telecommunications, Telstra. TelstraClear Spoker Person Chris Mirams explained to National Radio in Wellington, on Wednesday (25 / 3), that they believes if Walker have the ability to help senior executives and customers, in understanding the security threat that can attack their networks.”

Last year, Walker walker has been brought to justice related to his success on some data penetration over 1.3 million computers around the world. Hacker with a fictitious name AKILL also has been proven harmful to computer systems and enter through a number of bank accounts and carry more than Rp 132.4 billion. At that time, Walker was just 18 years old.

Mirams said, Walker had some counseling and providing advice to managers and security staff TelstraClear. Walker also participate in TelstraClear ad programs . “Walker tells what are the cyber criminals looking for, and how to fortify their networks from the threats."said Mirams
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