Sail Bunaken 2009: USS George Washington, Leading Parade Of Warships

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

USS George Washington In Sail Bunaken 2009
United States aircraft carrier USS George Washington, leading a group of warships parade presented at the peak of events in Sail Bunaken 2009 Manado. USS George Washington is accompanied by 25 warships coming from 14 participant countries presented in the series of International Fleet Review (IFR) 2009.

USS George Washington has moved since this morning at 06.00 Central Indonesian Time from Bitung. Scheduled at 16:00 will give homage to the President of the Republic of Indonesia, the IFR delegations and representatives of a number of ambassadors in the Bay of Manado, said the Head Of Indonesian Navy`s Information Service Commodore Iskandar Sitompul, in Manado, on Wednesday (19 / 8 ).

At the honorary parade of those warships, Iskandar explains, replacement of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono who could not attending the event is the Coordinating Minister of Politics Law and Security Widodo AS.

Widodo AS accompanied by the Minister of Transportation Jusman Syafii Djamal, Minister of Marine and Fisheries, Freddy Numberi, Commander of TNI General Djoko Santoso, three commanders of the Navy, ground forces and air corps, and North Sulawesi Governor SH Sarundajang.

In the parade formation of warships, the United States to bring the four warships. Including aircraft carrier USS George Washington, and three destroyer. Then there are warships from Britain, Japan, Russia, Australia, South Korea, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, China, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, and France. Meanwhile, Indonesia present its six warships.

In addition to the parade of warships, the sailing and flying pass events was clattered by the attraction of Indonesian Navy and Air Force's Aircraft which also presented the United States Military Fighter Jets.

From Indonesia, Sukhoi fighter MK-27/MK-30 with three types of F-16 combat aircrafts share the formation with owned by the United States navy, Intruder, Hawkeye, and F-18.
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