President SBY: Gender Equality, One Of Considerations In Choosing Ministers

Sunday, September 06, 2009

President SBY Choosing Cabinet Members
Composition of members of United Indonesian Cabinet ( Kabinet Indonesia Bersatu) II is not only based on the concern of supporter parties representation, but also the factors of gender equality. However, the the primary criteria remain consideration of the capabilities, capacity and personal integrity of the woman concerned.

"Without prejudice to the integrity and capacity, factors of gender equality must still be my consideration," said President SBY in the line of breaking the fast with Democratic Party officials, Saturday (5/9/2009), in Cikeas, Bogor Regency.

There are several criteria made by SBY - Boediono as a standard to choose the minister candidates to run the heavy duty of government to the next five years. Criteria which may differ between the minister and the other one, at some point is more to do about the capacity, experience, knowledge or acceptability.

Furthermore President SBY asserts, his government in the future will prioritizing the success of the government. So just like the seniors, members of United Indonesian Cabinet II also will undergo evaluation in the first year and mid-governance. If they considered as having less satisfactory results, not ruled out a cabinet reshuffle will be done.

"I do not like the reshuffle. But when I have to do it, then I'll do it. Because if I don't do it, it would otherwise interfere the way of the government or more appropriately elsewhere," he continued.

Likely to be dismissed from the cabinet or transferred to another post, will be confirmed in the integrity treaty and performance contracts. If the candidates can meet certain goals and accept the consequences, so he or she's welcomed to sign the contract of documents and subsequently appointed as a member of the cabinet.

"But if for example, 'I'm not sure I can meet the target and instead embarrassed later I better not be a minister', yes it's okay. I still respect," said President SBY.
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