Mysticism in music and song lyrics of The Doors

Friday, February 06, 2009

The Doors, Jim Morrison Ray Manzarek John Densmore Robbie Krueger
The Doors, a legendary band originated from California, the United States. Band was on the mid-1960s. Originally from relationship between Jim Morrison and Ray Manzarek, they were a friend in a film major at UCLA.

At the beginning of the journey, this band did not have permanent personnel. Often they have to ask for help to anyone who can spend time and energy to play with them in their band. As Rick and Jim Manzarek, Ray siblings, who are asked to play bass and drums.

One time, Ray met with John Densmore, a friend of the same class of meditation Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and offer to fill the position Drummer. To fill the position Guitarist, Ray invites friend of John Densmore, Robbie Krueger. So the formation is fix, and the core of the band The Doors was made.

Name of The Doors is a brilliant idea of Jim Morrison himself. The name is inspired from the famous speech poet, William Blake. 'When The Doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as they trully are... Infinite '.

Mystical and mysterious Lyrics and Music

Song lyrics and music of The Doors appear with new face, more fresh than the flow of the music mainstream at the time. Only a movement of Acid Rock on the Peace and Love from San Francisco. Or the British Invasion digawangi by The Beatles. Rock and Roll and the Rolling Stones as the king.

The Doors music indeed seemed strange and difficult understood by common people who just want to enjoy the music and entertainment as a song. The Doors music is very mystical and mysterious. With the song lyrics are poetry and rhythm created by Morrison, The Doors music in a great and sometimes sounds like Spells, spoken in a tone that harmonization is very knowledgeable, though sometimes seemed to be very absurd.

Indeed, Jim Morrison wrote his song lyrics, based on any posts on the famous figures who was admired by him, such as William Blake, Nietsche, and Arthur Rimbaud, and so the effect of the dominant feel of the music and lyrics of their songs is Exemption and rebellion, daring, Sensual and Erotic.
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