Google Docs; An Online Office Applications In Our Mobile Phones

Monday, March 09, 2009

Google Docs allows users to take advantage of online office applications. Approximately one year ago, Google released a mobile version for this online documents application. But when it turns out Mobile Google Docs can only be used to view a document that is made through a computer.
Now Google has added some improvements. In addition to opening, Google Docs has the ability to edit, selecting, and filtering the spreadsheet file. Not only in the Symbian mobile phone, This application can also be used in Android mobile phone and iPhone.
If you included to people who are reluctant to install too many applications on mobile phones, Google Docs seems reasonable to try. This application is also easily accessible, You can Get Google Docs for your phone by entering your phone number and Google will send a link for you. Or we can get it through on the phone.
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