North Korea Claimed That Their Missiles Launched For Science And Knowledge Purposes

Saturday, April 11, 2009

North Korea Missiles Taepodong Rodong
Japan recognizes the spectacular North Korean missile launching shows the progress of that country to make missiles. Japan is pushing for the UN Security Council in order to give a hard rowing to Pyongyang. The analyst says, blast-off on Sunday is testing ballistic rudal designed to be able to crawl up to Alaska and the United States. Meanwhile, North Korea claimed that the launch is for the purpose of science and knowledge.

Japan's Head of Cabinet Secretary Kawamura Yakeo yesterday on Tuesday, not clearly stated that the rocket was carrying satellite. Rocket can be seen clearly from Japan. That rocket pass through a 3200 km and fall in the Pacific Ocean.

North Korea was tried the Taepodong-2 rudal test in July 2006. That Missile is capable to travel the distance around 6700 km but then exploded 40 seconds after launch.

Previously United States, Japan and South Korea says, the launch was accusatory UN security council resolution on rudal ballistic. Kawamura demands UN to act firmly against North Korea.
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