Video Evidence Presented In Court Session Of David Hartanto Widjaja's Death

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

David Hartanto Widjaja and Professor Chan Kap Luk, NTU Singapore Case In CourtWilliam Wijaya, older brother of David Hartanto Widjaja, Indonesian student who died in Nanyang Technology University Singapore 2 march ago, assumes that the video displayed in the courtroom related to David's death is the result of the engineering manipulation.

According to William, video image is very unclear and does not shows David Hartanto Widjaja's face. "I am sure that is not David, This video is artificial," William said.

From the results of the recording, only visible from the side of the face, and that is not clearly visible, that video also shows one person only. According to William, impossible that there are no other people in that place, because the activities of the campus has started.

The trial of David's death case has started since May 20 and will continue on June. The trial has been to bring a number of witnesses, including Chan Kap Luk, David's professor.

According to William, Chan Kap Luk has been doing a lot of falsehood, among others, when told that he had break the knife which David used to stabbing him. That knife, William said, large such as a carving knife, so logically may not easily be broken.

David's Family plans to bring 10 witnesses, including those who see David screamed "they want to kill me".
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