Additional Budget For Primary Defense Weapon System (ALUTSISTA) Worth Rp. 7 Trillion

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Alutsista Primary Defense Weapon System TNI Indonesian Armed ForcesIndonesia will increase the defense and security budget of Rp. 7 trillion in the next year. So that the amount of the overall budget in 2010 to Rp. 40 trillion. Indonesian Minister of Defense, Juwono Sudarsono said, additional budget of Rp. 7 trillion next year will be mainly focused on the cost of maintenance and care Primary Defense Weapon System (Alutsista).

"Agreement with the House of Representatives Commission I, Department of Defense budget will increase in nominal Rp. 7 trillion to around Rp. 40 trillion, and this we will focus on care and maintenance of Alutsista," Defense Minister Juwono Sudarsono said, in Jakarta.

Defense Minister also says, maintenance costs must be the in main portion so that our Alutsista can be operate maximally. "Currently we have to used selective Alutsista due to lack of maintenance and care budget on some of our military equipment," Juwono said.

Alutsista usage is limited because it is not supported by adequate funding, but to the future Ministry of Defense will continue to optimize the existing budget so that Alutsista can remain in good condition when needed.

"Our defense and security budget are still very small, for that we always hopes to have an increase budget in the coming years," Juwono said.

Concerning border security, Juwono says, must involve cross-department, can not be done by Ministry of Defense only. "The border region should be makes budget sharpen across departments so that more integrated and effective."

Juwono then says, if done separately, the results will not be effective, department that is involved in its development and keep the border area must be cross-sectoral and departments. Proposal from Ministry of Home Affairs about the need of The Board of Supervisors and Inspector on the National Border is very good," Juwono said.
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