Manohara Receive 50 Questions From Indonesian Police Investigator

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Manohara Odelia Pinot Investigation at Indonesian Police HQManohara Odelia Pinot, who claim to have tortured by Prince of Kelantan Tengku Tumenggong M Fakhry was given 50 questions by investigators during the review at Indonesian Police Headquarter (Mabes Polri). Manohara's sister, Dewi Sri Asih received the same number of questions with Manohara, meanwhile Manohara's mother, Daisy Fajarina was given 25 questions.

"Manohara get 50 questions, her mother Daisy Fajarina 25 questions, and Dewi Sri Asih 50 questions. Questions about the Manohara's testimony and the beginning of her kidnapping above the Jaya Airlines plane hired by the Royal Family of Kelantan," Warsito, Manohara's lawyer said.

This information was told by Warsito after assisted his clients on the inspection and investigation at Police HQ, Trunojoyo street, South Jakarta, wednesday (17 / 6 / 2009). This investigation results,will be following up with the witnesses and plus the visum et repertum results.

"The medical report will also be completed soon, psychological report will be made later," Warsito said.

Results of the Indonesian Police examination, will be submitted to the Indonesian Embassy in Malaysia. Next Indonesian Embassy in Malaysia will deliver the results to the Malaysian police.

Meanwhile, when asked about her feeling during the examination at the police HQ, Manohara said she felt the usual course. "Usual, The Police asked me some questions. Questions about what I experienced, and when I have it," Manohara said.

When asked whether she already has moved her citizenship from Indonesian to Malaysian at the time she married with Tengku Temenggong Fakhry, Manohara denied.

"This is my own country ," Manohara said.
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